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Chateau Lagrange 1982
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A Rare Old Design Label
Lagrange 82 has become collectors’ treasure!

Lagrange 1982 vs Lagrange 1990 (new)

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Any lower, you really have to go source for yourself, no kidding! 3rd growth wine like Chateau Palmer, at the same vintage would easily cost $500 upwards and if you are new to 3rd growth wine and don’t wish to splurge that much

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Vintage Wine Format Quantity

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On top of stunning Bordeaux new arrival, I have a great deal of excitement surrounding my latest arrival of white burgundies! I love them back to back! I meticulously go through a big selection of wines to cherry picking only the best for you! If you are new to white burgundies and wonder where to start, you have landed on the sweet spots today!
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More sensational and pleasurable wines ahead! Including Italian Reds!

Top 2nd Growth Wine at Superior Value! 
Chateau Montrose 1975

Such a Rare Wine
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Housed in OWC, a great opportunity now to try a 43 years old Montrose wine if you haven’t done so! For a 2nd growth wine at this price is really a steal. I doubt you can fetch such low price anywhere else. (That’s why I urge you to always look out for our newsletter for special promotion!!)

Any lower, you really have to go source for yourself, no kidding! Most 2nd growth wine would easily cost $400 upwards but with this email offer , you are only paying….$250! If not that I have to clear my cellars for new wines storage, seriously you won’t be able to grab this steal.

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Ex-chateau immediately stand out as “Dean” in the world of Bordeaux since you are drinking from a bottle that comes directly from the Chateau!

Purchase a case of 6 of either
Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2015 or
Moulin de la Grangere Grand Cru 2015

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Top Vintage + First Growth =
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Vintage Wine Format

Top Rated 3rd growth Margaux wine as good as 1st growth

Margaux 3rd Growth is
…Best Ever From Here

Chateau Palmer 1970

Palmer 70’s is my Top Pick

Great Concentration!
Close to Palmer 61 at a Fraction of Price!

“1970 is a hit or miss for Bordeaux as not every chateau performed well but Palmer did. The aromas were still going strong! Nose of spice, cedar wood, black currant, dark fruits and slightly dusty. It had great concentration of fruits with well integrated tannins and balanced acidity that boasted a great finish. Pretty similar to 1961 vintage!”
Extremely Marvelous Vintage for Palmer!
If you are new to Palmer and is really tempted to try the goodness, I would strongly recommend you to

Special Wine Report! Red Wine End of Journey!

Red Wine End of Journey!
Date: 19 April 2018
Venue: A private home
Months ago my die-hard wine connoisseur friend offered to organize a dinner with Rhone 1978 wines alone.
Obviously given any opportunity, one shouldn’t reject such a proposal. My encounter with Rhone 78 started a few years ago when I hosted a group of Vivino International friends at my place, a Swiss friend flew and popped open a JL Chave Hermitage 78, and I was speechless that afternoon, as it wiped off the whole table of top wines (e.g. Haut Brion 85, Cheval Blanc 85…. Etc). Thereafter, there was no turning back on Rhone wines. In search of the ultimate red wines out there, I have fulfilled my journey after drinking more than two decades of great wines, and in today’s article, I’ll summarize what I think it’s the end game.
1978 was a stunning vintage for Rhone, perhaps 1990 can give 1978 a run, but for missing 12 years in the bottle, the taste would be totally different.
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Check out my  READ MORE

Vivino International Chapter 2015

International Vivino Chapter Day 1!
6 March 2015
Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant
What’s Vivino? Vivino is a mobile application social network all about wines. You can download and read through what people are drinking and their reviews and ratings on almost any wine around the world. For example, below is a screenshot of the application. I’m very active in this wine network, as I treat it as a hobby more than a profession when it comes to wine! You can see that I have posted 1,151 tasting notes, I have got almost 3,000 followers around the world, and I am ranked number 1 in Singapore.
So the idea of a Vivino gathering here is to have all the great wine connoisseurs gather together and taste wines. Johan P., a very enthusiastic wine lover, helped organize this tasting. We managed to invite some overseas wine enthusiasts as well! Christian van N. flew in from Switzerland to attend, and we have Jack Madrid and Burgnut flew in from Manila, Philippines. Other participants are residing in Singapore: Chin G, Wine Affairs, Olivier G., Gary Ong, Ed Tan. You c

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