In 2018, Tasting Notes
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Tell you guys a Bordeaux secret—the most difficult to understand label rightfully belonged to Lafite! Everyone tonight were disappointed by it except WM and myself. I was patient enough to judge the content for over an hour. Initially disappointing nose of menthol and mint. First sip was totally diluted. But this was Lafite, recovered quickly to be extremely balanced and mellow!

分享一个波尔多的秘密;很多人都不明白拉菲。今晚每个人都对这瓶拉菲失望,除了我的朋友和我自己。 她不像其他酒这样容易了解。我可以肯定的告诉你,品酒不是刚开始的时候。如果像拉菲那样的背景,起码需要30-60分钟。

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