Cheval Blanc 

Irresistible Best Price and Vintages in Fine Wines SG! Best Provenance at Low Prices in Town! Cheval Blanc 1978 going at $610! Many more top Cheval Blanc vintages that are only available in Fine Wines SG! Sold out very fast, check us out for best prices! The beauty of Cheval Blanc is the complex, powerful perfume paired with textures that can feel as soft as polished silk and velvet!

Due to its terroir and location that straddles the border of Pomerol and St. Emilion, Cheval Blanc truly combines the best of both worlds. In the wine of Cheval Blanc, you find the sexy, opulence of Pomerol, coupled with the flamboyance of St. Emilion. The wine is incredibly rich. Yet it’s never heavy. Cheval Blanc can be enjoyed young. It is one of the longest lived Bordeaux wines being produced!

Incredibly Rich! Yet Never Heavy!
Such Complexity only Cheval Blanc can Achieve!

Take a sip of Cheval Blanc at anytime and you will be amazed by the sexy, richness of Pomerol coupled with flamboyance of St Emilion. This wine can be enjoyed young yet with good storage, they can offer supreme drinking pleasure! It remains as one of the longest lived Bordeaux wines being produced!

Item Description Size Stock Price Tasting Note
Vintage 1953
1953 Cheval Blanc 750ml 1 $ 1,800
Vintage 1955
1955 Cheval Blanc 750ml 1 $ 1,500 Click Here
Vintage 1958
1958 Cheval Blanc 750ml 1 $ 1,520
Vintage 1972
1972 Cheval Blanc 750ml 1 $ 650
Vintage 1978
1978 Cheval Blanc 750ml 11 $ 610
Vintage 1980
1980 Cheval Blanc 750ml 12 $ 550
Vintage 1981
1981 Cheval Blanc 750ml 12 $ 680
Vintage 1982
1982 Cheval Blanc 750ml 3 $ 1,360 Click Here
Vintage 1985
1985 Cheval Blanc 750ml 16 $ 850 Click Here

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