Lets’ drink and rejoice. Save water, drink wine!

When looking for an outstanding location for your private or corporate events, our Fine Wines Tasting Room is here for you. Added with the fact that we have a cellar in the premise that boosts extensive range of Fine Wines (10,000 bottles!), feel free to browse, buy our wine on the spot and taste instantly if you like! You can surely find a wine you love !

Let our event professionals create an unique wine experience for you and your guests.

In our tasting room, we are well equipped. We have

~ 120 Wine Glasses ~

~ 10 Decanters ~

~ Air conditioned to keep you comfy ~

~ Comfortable seating, white board/score sheet to keep your score and wine notes ~

~ Hold up to 8 Guests for optimal enjoyment ~

~ Need a Sommelier? Snap a finger and we are right at your service ~

~ Finger food, snacks, cheese and foods that oomph your wine ~

(please book in advance so we can prepare)

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