Searching for an innovative idea for a corporate event? Excite them with a wine tasting! No one will want to miss this event and we are sure you a have full turn up rate!

Make a lasting impression for your corporate event!

Not sure where to go about sourcing for wine? In need of wine expertise? Need help with wine glass, decanter and all necessary wine accessories?
In Fine Wines SG, we have the perfect solution! Just sit back and relax while we cover your wine event from start to the end!

Fun Guaranteed!
Wines energize your audience and…
We help pour the fun back into wine!

Fine Wines SG has a range of wine tasting / appreciation packages designed for corporate entertainment, internal team or company events! Whether as a “Thank You” to your customers or just have fun with colleagues, your guests will leave this event feeling warm and cozy all over – with wine as a focal point to bring on such fantastic great time!

In Fine Wines SG, we tailor exciting corporate wine event for:

1. Corporate gathering/activities
2. Entertain your high spending prospects
3. Excellent for team building
4. A reward to your team
5. Novel office celebration or relaxation after a tough pitch
6. The perfect way to break the ice with your clients, impress them!
7. Impress your clients
8. Creative way to attract potential group buyers
9. Wine appreciation class for corporate level
10. Fun relaxing class to “wine” down their stress
11. Or even if you need wines to grace your product launch, car show to opening house!!

We have in house wine experts who have great experience in handling corporate event with extraordinary great wines that need not break your bank!

Lots of fun tasting, laughter over wine!

We help your corporate staff to bond over wine, help them discover interesting pairing and promote team building through wine lessons!
We will help max out your event entertainment meter!

There is no better way to absorb the expert’s note better than drinking and learning at the same time! We will cover the basic of wine terminology and show you how to pick out aromas and help you develop your taste and smell skill.

Usually done in blind tasting format, we engage your nose and open up your palate; blind tasting promises so much laughter enabling you to learn even faster!

For small group of 8, we can offer usage of our tasting room in our second floor for your clients or wine groups…for FREE!

If you need more wines during your event, you can simply hop down to first level wine cellar to grab more bottles! We are truly a one stop wine hub! Snacks can be arrange to enhance your palate.

For outdoor event hosting in your premise or designated location, we are expert in tailoring an attractive plan through the advice of our wine experts.

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