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 In 2018, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:


Given that Pucelles was a premier cru, coming from a great producer Leflaive, plus being produced in a superb vintage, it was almost a perfect white. Despite the super strong gunpowder nose at the start, perhaps implying no one should challenge her, the content was superbly intense, fresh, flavorful and great length. It tasted better than the Marquis de Laguiche 08!

这个由勒斐莱酒庄出产的一级田酒Pucelles (处女的意思),的确非常棒,简直是接近完美。非常浓厚的火药味扑鼻而来。完美的结构,浓郁的酒味,非常新鲜,回味非常悠长。在特级田的蒙哈榭存在下,这个一级田把特级田给压下去了。物价比非常好!

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