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Queen of Elegance!

Chateau Lafite Rothschild is the most elegantly styled of the three First Growths from Pauillac. But do not confuse the term elegant with light. Chateau Lafite is perhaps the most aromatic of the First Growths as well, with a perfume that fills the air with cedar, cassis, spice, tobacco, truffle, lead pencil, dark, red berries and earthy notes. In the best vintages, the wine requires decades to develop to its full potential. Trust me on this, it is worth the wait!

Chateau Lafite Rothschild is a wine estate in France, owned by members of the Rothschild family since the 19th century. The name Lafite comes from the Gascon term “la hite” meaning “small hill”. Lafite was one of four wine-producing Chateaux of Bordeaux originally awarded First Growth status in the 1855 Classification, which was based on recent prices. Since then, it has been a consistent producer of one of the world’s most expensive red wines.

Item Description Size Stock Price Tasting Note
Vintage 1961
1961 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 2 $ 4,500 Click Here
Vintage 1963
1963 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 1 $ 2,200
Vintage 1974
1974 Lafite Rothschild (no label, vintage legible on the cork) 1500ml 2 $ 1,500 Click Here
Vintage 1977
1977 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 1 $ 1,100
Vintage 1985
1985 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 1 $ 1,350
Vintage 1986
1986 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 10 $ 1,980
Vintage 1989
1989 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 6 $ 1,250
Vintage 1996
1996 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 4 $ 1,800 Click Here
Vintage 2005
2005 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 3 $ 1,580
Vintage 2008
2008 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 3 $ 1,500
Vintage 2009
2009 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 12 $ 1,500
Vintage 2010
2010 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 12 $ 2,800 Click Here

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