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 In 2018, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:


My first Thailand made wine! I didn’t realize it till this morning when I was preparing to write my review! It has this sweet flavor that’s rightfully tropical. Flavor was a bit too broad and shallow, but it does attract me as a simple wine without much thoughts. Not a problem for casual drinking.

我在泰国酒店里喝的第一瓶泰国产的葡萄酒!我今早准备写评语的时候才发现! 口感有点甜,就带有一种热带水果的气息。比起法国酒,这款酒回味是有点宽和浅,只要不太认真的喝,也不要太挑剔,还算是不错的酒了。

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