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 In 2018, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:


After my review on the 5 star Ridge Montebello 1978, would the 89 follow suit? Not quite, good but not great. Nose was funky; slightly minty, clinical and green. It was a big wine by any standard; huge on tannins, extremely dry, and extremely driven by Cabernet Sauvignon style. Served blind, so I couldn’t tell this was from America.

我最近评了五星给1978年的山脊庄园的酒。现在碰到了1989年份的,会有五星的第二个春天吗?可惜,是不错但是不是最好。鼻子带有薄荷,药房和不成熟的青菜味。口感就是一款大气的酒,非常浓厚的单宁, 非常涩也干燥, 非常赤霞珠的风格。我品尝时是盲品,所以我没有意料到是美国酒,不错!

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