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 In 2018, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:


This was probably the most decent red I’ve ever come across from Chinese wines, nothing related to Mouton Rothschild, although the name meant a bit about understanding Dao (or Tao), the 5000 years of Chinese understanding of the fusion of nature and human. I find it very feminine and elegant. Very easy to drink albeit high acidity and lacked tannins, plus unknown grape varietal.

这可能是我喝过这样多中国产的葡萄酒里面比较像样的葡萄酒了。 虽然名字相像,但是跟法国一级庄的木桶没有丝毫关系。名为悟道,其实就是天人合一的意思。非常女性化和优雅,非常容易喝,虽然酸度高而且缺乏单宁,没法陈年,而且没葡萄品种概念。

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