In 2019, Tasting Notes
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I extracted half a bottle of this La Pointe 1971 in March 2014 using Coravin, and thereafter I shelved the remaining bottle in my wine cellar, totally forgotten about it till last night to find something to pair with my sirloin steak. Quickly uncorked the bottle using the Durand and poured it into a decanter, I was amazed the nose was still intact, in fact very much alive with loads of ripe cherries and smoky nose! The palette was a tad dry initially, but keeps improving in the decanter to become full blown ripe cherries and red currant, absolute Pomerol style! What I was more amazed was that this bottle was extracted by Coravin and it could last 5 years without texture change in the wine! Of course I lie down my wines without touching it for the past 5 years. Using the same Coravin, I also encountered some bottles completely dead within 6 months, so I was really puzzled what could have caused the difference? I have no answer.


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