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“Although 1973 was a poor vintage, not many wines produced at a Pichon Lalande level; I can only recall Cheval Blanc being one of them. Most Bordeaux were easily forgotten.”    

From the color, I could tell this was an aged wine, with pretty orange hue.  With a whiff , beautiful aromas of red currants, cherry and raspberry. With a few twirls, the nose was still holding well.

Opening a 1973 bottle, with 46 years ageing, the layers of complexity is still there; overall softer notes. The structure of tannin is light, acidity still good. The balance with fruit is round and gentle, very feminine. Wine that ages well, with lingering finish.

Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 1959
1959 Pichon Lalande (vintage is not shown on label, identifiable on the cork)750ml


$ 1,030

Bok Rating: 10/10
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Vintage 1961
1961 Pichon Lalande750ml


$ 1,200

Bok Rating: 10/10
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Vintage 1982
1982 Pichon Lalande750ml


$ 1,320

Bok Rating: 10/10
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Vintage 2014
2014 Pichon Lalande750ml


$ 200
Vintage 2015
2015 Pichon Lalande750ml


$ 280

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