#61: Everything Below $290! Find As Old As 54 Years Old Wine!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015, Everything below $290! Find as Old as 54 years old wine!

Best Value Old Vintages
Everything below $290!

If you are looking for best value old wines, look no further (or Elsewhere!) than today Hot Pick! Rare, old vintages like 60s, 70s or 80s though are very hard to source, it might not mean they have to be very expensive. Of course, we keep our price very competitive to our best ability so every of my customer get to benefit!

From as low as $160 for a 45 years old wine and much more!
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VintageWineQuantityBEST VALUE!
1961St Estephe (Mahler Beze bottled)3$250.00
1970Cos D’Estournel6$280.00
1970Domaine de Chevalier Rouge (from OWC)6$250.00
1970La Grace Dieu1$160.00
1975Certan de May3$250.00
1975Pichon Baron3$280.00
1978Trotanoy (OWC)9$290.00
1980La Conseillante1$220.00
1981Canon la Gaffeliere (OWC)4$150.00
1981Ducru Beaucaillou2$230.00
1981Gruaud Larose3$250.00
1981La Dominique1$180.00
1981Pichon Baron5$210.00
1982Croizet Bages3$180.00
1982La Lagune4$290.00
1982Lafon Rochet (OWC)4$260.00
1982Petit Village3$280.00
1982Rauzan Gassies1$250.00
1982Troplong Mondot1$250.00

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Happy Drinking!

Grands Echezeaux 1959

  Bok's Rating:


My 2nd perfect bottle out of 4 I tried from my collection. This was unbelievably youthful and fresh, certainly didn’t smelled like or tasted like a 56 year old wine. The nose was faint, minty, eucalyptus and reached a stage whereby it was extremely perfumed, better than any branded perfume I can get in the market.

Palette was amazingly balance, youthful and fresh that I was awed by the content. I was told it was probably a Remoissenet bottled by Wine Society back then.”

Château de Fieuzal Pessac-Léognan Grand Cru Classé 2012

  Bok's Rating:

Pessac-Leognan · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES –Cabernet Sauvignon · Cabernet Franc · Malbec · Merlot ·Petit Verdot · Carmenérè


I really had a good laugh at my notes when I am posting it here in Vivino. The nose: I have never described a wine like this before; stagnant, slightly smelly and dirty nose. The palette won some and lost some; creamy and forward (for the positive side), lean, green and bitter (for the negative aspect), I really consider this as a poor quality wine, sad that I had such a poor impression of Graves 2012.”

Château Carbonnière Chateau Carbonnière Grand Cru Classe Graves Léognan 2012

  Bok's Rating:

Graves · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES –Cabernet Sauvignon · Cabernet Franc · Malbec · Merlot ·Petit Verdot · Carmenérè


Carbonnieux from Graves produced great white Bordeaux wines, but the red was really mediocre, especially from an average vintage. Very woody nose coupled with loads of red fruits. Palette was sweet, forward, especially accentuated leanness and greenness, probably harvested too early resulting in a disaster content. I can’t bear to drink it anymore or I find even more faults!”

Allegrini Veronese La Poja 2008

  Bok's Rating:

Verona · Italy

TYPE – Red

GRAPES –Nebbiolo · Barbera · Dolcetto


A whiff and this is seriously heavy and big wine, tons of choking attack from the alcohol coupled with big chunky dark fruits like dark cherries, or was it that serious?

Palette was dry, tannic and loads full of fine tannins, and masking behind all these are some very shy fruits. I’m making a bold prediction here: the wine is totally not ready to drink, and it has a lot of potential. In a decade the wine will be pleasurable. Right now wrong drinking window, be patient with it!”

Brunesca Sauvignon 2012

  Bok's Rating:

Veneto · Italy

TYPE – White

GRAPES –Arneis · Pinot Blanc · Cortese · Tocai Friulano


Drink by the glass for lunch over some crispy fried fish skins. Must say I can’t do without wine even though I would prefer my own BYOB. Very simple wine, although the front palette was attractively fruity, but thereafter it’s only left with quickly dissipated and diluted fruits. Just for my own records :)”

Thomas Bassot Mazis Chambertin 1969

  Bok's Rating:

Mazis-Chambertin · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES –Pinot Noir


Thomas Bassot was a well known burgundy winemaker back in the 60/70. I had some of his 50s wines that was singing. Unfortunately this bottle was in a borderline bad shape; I almost classified it as maderized as the nose was cooked and oxidized. However the palette was not too bad, apart from the dryness, it was very rich, sweet, loads of deep dark core fruits. Only pitfall was the rough and jagged fruits. Not quite a grand cru in my opinion despite the classification.”

Château Rauzan-Ségla Margaux 2000

  Bok's Rating:

Margaux · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES –Cabernet Sauvignon · Cabernet Franc · Malbec · Merlot ·Petit Verdot · Carmenérè


I have drank many vintages of Rauzan Segla, most impressive? Probably 85/86, and borderline 82. This 2000 is not far off, a reputable production from a great vintage. I remembered about 3 years ago in a non first growth blind tasting of 2000, this one came up as an undisputed #1. What’s the attraction? From the nose with chunky oak and deep dark black fruits, to the palette with very rich, ripe and voluptuous fruits. Deserved some attention from Bordeaux lovers.”

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