Raveneau Chablis Grand Cru Blanchot 2000

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Chablis Grand Cru · France

GRAPES-ChardonnayPinot Noir

“SHOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER… A Grand Cru from Raveneau isn’t easy to get hold of in the first place, it was a treat from Johan before we close the 2015 drinking chapter. As usual it was served double blind. I enjoyed the nose a lot more than the palette, with elegant oak, lemon and later honey. The body was a bit too shy; thin, diluted, good layering rather than length, bitter towards the end. I was expecting a lot more from this maker than such negative characters, a bit sad to encounter a GC at such level.”

Borgogno Barbaresco 1965

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“50 YEARS ON …. This wine was served single blind, most of us guessed it as the Barbaresco bottle serving side by side along with the Barolo 65. Reason being, the body was with elevated acidity, and the fruits are fading, despite the fact that it actually improved with food. Barbaresco wines are not so age-worthy, lifespan is perhaps 30 years at best, a whole table of wine connoisseurs concluded that this was the younger sibling of the Barolo (that I posted earlier). We were correct. “

Borgogno Barolo 1965

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“GOODBYE 2015 This was a great way to end the 2015 with a resounding bottle of Barolo. 50 years of solid life in the bottle, a lot of sentiments. Obvious medicinal nose, tending towards Chinese herbal medicine, along with it sour plum element. A perfect condition bottle, tasted really lively, smooth, pleasant, light, elegant, prune and loads of sour plums. Can drink such a wine all day long as the alcohol has diminished slightly over the years. Very enjoyable. “

Vega Sicilia Único Gran Reserva Ribera del Duero 1948

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Ribera del Duero · Spain

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Cabernet Sauvignon,MalbecMerlot,Tempranillo

“FRUSTRATING Vega Sicilua Unico, easily the best Spanish wines that was always too young to drink. Served blind, unfortunately this bottle was corked from head to toe, not an inch was drinkable. Wet cupboard dominated the experience, sadly. Would have been the oldest Vega Sicilua that I will ever come across! “

Michel Niellon Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru 1994

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Côte de Beaune · France

TYPE – White


“BIG SURPRISE! I never heard of this maker before, not to mention that I am totally unfamiliar with the style and composition of the content. But I was really happy to come across it. A whiff and I was totally sold, perhaps one of the best Chevalier Montrachet nose that I ever come across: subtle oak, very complex, summer flower and some kind of warmth embedded. Palette was very elegant rich, very mineral, very buttery, good layers and complexity, slightly grassy towards the end. Absolutely head turner”

Rostaing Rene Rostaing Côte-Rôtie 1990

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Northern Rhône · France


“BURGUNDY LIKE Initially the nose was stemmy and woody, sort of weak and poor, my heart sank coz if the nose was poor, the palette will follow suit. Not surprisingly, the palette was a bit weak initially as well, a bit sour cherries, a bit weak, very burgundy like. However all these changed after some airing and decanting (just half hour is good enough). The wine turned riper, gained a lot of weight, more rich and robust, tasted more like a ripe cherry now, albeit still very burgundy like. “

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