Pierre Amiot & Fils Clos de LA Roche Grand Cru Bourgogne 1982

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Bourgogne · France

TYPE – Red


I happened to have both 82 & 83 vintages of Pierre Amoit Clos de la Roche. Based on the vintage knowledge, 83 was supposed to be superior over 82, but my finding was otherwise, all depends on whether you like it fresher (83) or elegance (82). I preferred 82.

Bouquet of dry fruits, potpourri coupled with matured fruits encapsulated my nose. Palette was really enjoyable, superb matured yet mellow elegance was distinct, and it simply melted upon entry, and the aftertaste lingered on for a long time.”

San Vito Colle Dei Mandorli Toscana Merlot 2011

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Chianti · Italy

TYPE – Red



Another 100% Merlot grape wine, aged in 225L barrel for 16 months, annual production of 3,000 bottles. Pretty rare to find, and quality was decent.

Nose was totally muted. Palette was very interesting; extremely good layers of complexity, moderate tannins and thus creating moderate grip on the palette. Rich albeit rounded character of good Merlot production. I’d encourage anyone that chanced upon thus bottle to give it a try.”

San Vito Chianti 2013

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Chianti · Italy



The first Chianti label that I came across that’s produced 100% in organic manner, 100% Sangiovese, and 100% Stainless Steel vat. I would expect it to be different, but to my disappointment, it was just as bad as the non organic wines.

Another red fruit nose. Another cherry driven Chianti, slightly on the dry side, lacks any interesting selling character as an organic wine. I won’t bother with the organic hype.”

Pierre Amiot & Fils Clos de La Roche 1983

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Côte de Nuits · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


For burgundy fans, I must confess patience is sometimes as necessary as Bordeaux wines. I once drank a bottle of 96 Dujac Clos de la Roche, totally not ready. The soil driven, earthy wine of CdlR requires significant amount of ageing.

This producer did a great job; at 33 years old, perfect drinking window. Nose of very ripe strawberries and steel initially and order got reversed later on. Palette did not have any steely notes, very ripe, sweet and balanced, just a bit more acid.”

Ficomontanino Terre Del Fico Riserva 2014

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Toscana · Italy


Totally new to me, never heard of this label before, but took me by storm, I was even impressed with their lowest range like this Riserva.

They used very decent oak, of which I can tell from the nose, later I found out they used French Oak, good depth. The palette was impressive, fruits are lively, like going to a live concert, very fruity and red cherries alike. After one whole circle of Chianti visiting at least I found something decent. Just stick to my recommendation.”

San Vito Darno Firenze Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2010

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Chianti · Italy

GRAPES-Sangiovese,Canaiolo Blanco

“Another Chianti

I have tasted a lot of Chianti lately. Rarely there was anything impressive, so far I’m most impressed with Ficomontanino labels, next Uggiano labels. This San Vito was yet another label, nothing unique.

Very muted and light nose, perhaps required time to open up. Easy drinking, extremely cherry driven again, slight complexity with a bit of layering, very fruity.”

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