Chateau Palmer: Elegance Just Like Its First Growth Margaux!


Chateau Palmer, Margaux 1970

Palmer 70’s is my Top Pick
Extremely Marvellous Vintage for Palmer!

If you are new to Palmer and is really tempted to try the goodness, I would strongly recommend you to grab a bottle of Palmer 70’s! A very magnificent wine with so much charm than many bordeaux wine. The 70’s bottle is truly an excellent vintage; spicy, elegant, fruity bouquet of cherry and the lovely berries. Very complete, very all rounded. An epitome of Palmer beauty in this 70’s bottle! I would say it’s very fabulous on the palate, of silky tannin and well balanced.

70’s is an extremely marvelous year for Palmer, the near perfect weather conditions resulted in making 70’s a truly remarkable vintage, often considered to be one of the greatest years, even better than the legendary 61’s!Palmer superb terroir is seen at its best in this vintage, you will never regret it, this 70’s vintage promises rich, fruity and concentrated wine with very good balance. Over the years, they have acquired depth and show remarkable length and finesse!

Bok’s Verdict: 5/5!

Perfect BUY!


You will be pleasantly surprised by Palmer finesse and elegance just like the first growth Margaux, known for its great wine quality.

Overall, Palmer produces a sensuous wine of beauty.
Everything that makes up a great Bordeaux wine is found in Palmer.

Look no further, today star feature is not available in any other local merchant except through Fine Wines SG only! Again, limited stocks for such great vintage and once gone, I can’t promise I will be able to get hold again.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me! I love to hear your drinking experience!

We are pleased to offer these Best Vintage of Chateau Palmer

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Andre Clouet 1911 Grand Cru Champagne Is BACK!

Andre Clouet 1911 Grand Cru Champagne

Back By Popular Demand!

Few months back, we are totally sold out on this champagne. I received so much request to bring it back and yes, I am happy to announce Andre Clouet Champagne is back! Before this champagne has even arrived in our cellar, we already received “pre-order” and before I even have the chance to send this newsletter, HALF of my stocks are all wiped out!

What did some of our customers say?

“Thank you Bok! I have NEVER seen such beautiful and elegant champagne in my life!! For such a cheap price, you care for my wallet!”

“I thought Krug is the best till I drank Andre! This champagne is very fruity, I love it!”

“Bok, I bought this Andre champagne for a friend Christmas gathering. My friends are all hooked, me included! I almost fell for the more expensive one, luckily I didn’t! Andre Clouet is even more gorgeous!! ”

Exceptionally Wonderful Champagne for Such Low Price… and Single Handedly Beats Big Brand!

I am proud to present Andre Clouet Grand Cru 1911, MV.

Priced at$129 a bottle, a total steal!

Even cheaper if you buy in 6 bottles case!
(Details below!)

Bok’s Verdict: 5/5! Perfect!

It’s not difficult to see why this champagne sell like the hottest cake, this extreme superior champagne beats Prestigious Dom Perignon, Krug, Tattinger, Jacque Selosse but at a fraction of price!

$129 Andre Clouet vs $450 or more Expensive Champagne, you decide ok!
Exceptionally elegant, high quality champagne

Andre Clouet was done as an aged champagne style, tasted more intense than a normal champagne, these are traditional champagne making skills. The “old feel” is on par with a Dom Perignon 1990 or a Salon 1990 as I drank it side by side blind and kept thinking Andre Clouet was an aged champagne produced in 1988.
Truly brilliant, rich and complex from 3 excellent vintages. 50% 1996 brings power and depth of fruit; 25% 1997 for elegance and finesse; and 25% 1995 for crispness and acidity.

Buy Now Before It’s Gone Again!


Option 1:

Top Rated Champagne for Just $129!

Each bottle comes wrapped in straw with a hand written certificate of authenticity and history!

Option 2:

Buy a Case of 6!
For Just $735 (usual: $774)

(Additional 5% SAVINGS on top of already low price!)


Victory of Andre Clouet 1911 Grand Cru Champagne!

  • Reached legendary status when it appeared in “1001 Wines You Must Try Before You Die” book by Neil Beckett since ten years ago!
  • #1 World Champagne Expert, Richard Juhlin (with a world record of tasted more than 8500 different champagnes since 1998!) – Rate 93 Points!
  • Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate – Score 93+! EXCELLENT!
  • Exclusive Distributor in Singapore, we got direct from producer with hand written Certificate of Provenance and authenticity!

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We have just updated our wine list. Don’t miss out! Take your pick on your favorite wines now. Call us now at 6385 2438 or email us at to order.

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Domaine G. Roumier Chambolle-Musigny 2008

  Bok's Rating:

Chambolle-Musigny · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


Heard the pricing of Georges Roumier has gone through the roof, even these village level wines. I tasted it, and totally failed to understand the logic of the price. This wine was totally nothing special, tgere was absolutely nothing that’s worth the price through the roof. Very young prunes, berries, masculine nose. Overwhelming acidity that masked the fruits (and will forever be like this), quite lively but choking. Overrated and overpriced.”

Pierre Ponnelle Volnay 1959

  Bok's Rating:

Volnay · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


Unbelievable, this bottle was a mediocre village level Volnay wine that I brought along to share since it was a Volnay theme. I wasn’t even sure it can survive so long! But luck was on my side, the wine survived the 5 decades! And being a village level! Amazing!

Nose: extremely woody, cupboard, savory, soya sauce.

Palate: extremely easy drinking, pleasant, rich, very lively, very sweet, despite the fact that it was a really simple wine. For a village level of 57 years old?!”

Jean-Marc Bouley Clos Des Chênes Volnay 1er Cru 2013

  Bok's Rating:

Côte de Beaune · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


Of my recent reports on Bouley’s Volnay, this Clos des Chenes was perhaps the best and most sophisticated wine that came out from Bouley. I was told this wine wax produced from old vines (VV).

Good depth on the nose, despite quite alcoholic. Body was great! Silky, elegant and pleasant, good deep dark core fruits, despite the wine was slightly diluted. Aged in 29% new oak, thus there’s no overwhelming heavy characters.”

Jean-Marc Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Les Carelles 2013

  Bok's Rating:

Côte de Beaune · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


There’re only premier crus in Volnay, as there’re no grand crus here. Thus, thus Les Carelles is as good as a Grand Cru.

Very masculine bouquet. Even the palate showed the kind of masculine oomph character, dark fruits, very juicy, good structure, a robust wine, shallow depth, young but surprisingly approachable, drinkable now. Enjoy!”

Jean-Marc Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Caillerets 2013

  Bok's Rating:

Côte de Beaune · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


I was told they only produced 3 barrels (approximately 1000 bottles) a year, sickening quantities comparing to any Bordeaux wine producers. That’s why burgundy is so sort after.

Nose: alcohol, slightly woody and faint cherries.

Body: slightly feminine style, sweet, good balance, fruits are of much better quality compared to the village level Clos de la Cave, elegant and feminine.”

Jean-Marc Bouley Volnay Vieilles Vignes Red Burgundy 2013

  Bok's Rating:

Côte de Beaune · France

TYPE – Red


The label says Vieilles Vignes means old vines, and usually old vines dug much deeper into the soil or gravel or whatever the earth composition. The grapes grow up hardly, with better structure and also age better.

This bottle started off very faint and almost muted nose. Initially it was quite s big wine, big fruits, extremely ripe, very rich and sour. When I revisit the wine about 4 hours later, it has morphed itself into s powerhouse, with extreme power and intensity in the body!”

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