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Red Bordeaux
2000Brane Cantenac750ml3$200
2001Brane Cantenac750ml1$190
1977Cos d Estournel750ml3$280
1989Cos d Estournel750ml3$290
1995Cos d Estournel750ml2$310
1969Haut Brion750ml1$550
1968Lafite Rothschild750ml1$1,280
1960Pichon Lalande750ml1$380
1978Pichon Lalande750ml6$260
1989Pichon Lalande750ml12$350
White Burgundy
2006DOMAINE D´AUVENAY (Bize-Leroy), Aligote750ml1$380
2007DOMAINE D´AUVENAY (Bize-Leroy), Aligote750ml1$380
Italian Reds
2004CESARE Pio, Barolo750ml11$180
2009TUA RITA, Giusto di Notri750ml9$120
Rhone Reds
2006Domaine Jamet Cote Rotie750ml1$350
2006USSEGLIO, Châteauneuf du Pape Réserve, des deux Frères750ml1$295
1990Chateau Rieussec (OWC)375ml11$140

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Paul Pontellier 1983

  Bok's Rating:


Paul Pontellier, CEO of Ch Margaux, passed away peacefully yesterday. He started his career with Ch Margaux in 1983 and this vintage was a legendary vintage for Ch Margaux. Paul is a true gentleman, everyone who knew him always enjoyed his very sincere and truthful company. I was truly impressed with his character who valued a lot of traditional and family values. He’ll be truly missed by the wine world. May he rest in peace.”

Didier Dagueneau Blanc Fumé de Pouilly 2010

  Bok's Rating:

Pouilly-Fumé · France

GRAPES-Sauvignon Blanc


Had a lot of expectations for Didier Dagueneau wines, even this Poilly Fume. The last time I had all his wines the top and his other lesser graded wines, standard was so close (Silex, Pur Sang…), so I’d think this was as good. Unfortunately it was a grade down from the siblings.

Nose of typical champagne, and turned buttery shortly thereafter. Palate was with elevated acidity, despite the fact that it was very drinkable, Savignon Blanc character was pronounced, will it improve with time?”

40 Year Old Cognac XO “Fine Champagne”

  Bok's Rating:


It claimed to be a 40 year old cognac, with an extremely wide smiling mouth. The characters are quite interesting for this cognac.

Bouquet of sharp alcoholic & choking nose, woody yet fruity, sherry wood driven.

This cognac was extremely spicy, fiery, loads of honey and honeysuckle, bundled with Russian leather, very fruity and the aftertaste lingered around for a good moment. Quite a feminine cognac. I noted that it tasted much better if you wait it out in your glass, flavor enhanced.”

St Emilion by Miquel Barcelo 2012

  Bok's Rating:

GRAPES-Cabernet FrancMerlot


Using another famous artists Miquel Barcelo to paint the label, and used a famous winemaker Thienpont who owns Le Pin to make the wine. But when I probed further which plot of St Emilion is the grapes coming from? The marketer quickly switched topic and never answered my question, apparently trying to dodge it.

Thus I used my own palate to decipher the content, wasn’t impressed. Very strong nose, cream and menthol. Palate was extremely rounded, thus friendly and approachable, dry and diluted.”

Pont des Arts Nuits-Saint-Georges Réserve Spéciale 2011

  Bok's Rating:

Côte de Nuits · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES-Pinot Noir


Another gimmick by Pont Des Arts using a very famous Chinese artist Zhao Wu Zi to attract eyeball. Was told they only produced 150 cases for 2011, which I guess that’s because of limited grape availability from NSG, so don’t tell me BS story that it’s a limited production.

Huge overloaded amount of mushroom occupied the nose, along with barnyard and cherry notes.

Palate was nothing spectacular, very sweet, very young cherries, chewy fruits, rich, acidic, tannic with a woody finishing.”

Pont des Arts Yue Minjun Bourgogne Meursault 2012

  Bok's Rating:


This was at least with some substance in it rather than the uninteresting Savignon Blanc I posted earlier. At least I was impressed with the palate.

It possessed done funky bouquet, containing some sweet peaches and mangoes (very tropical).

Very sweet on the palate, obvious acidity, perhaps some white flowers, extremely tropical fruits driven, longan (a type of tropical fruit), intense along with decent length. At least this bottle had some good stuff in it and not so gimmick!”

Pont des Arts Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux Yue Minjun 2012

  Bok's Rating:

Bordeaux · France

GRAPES-Sauvignon Blanc


Son of Paul Pontellier (CEO of Ch Margaux) Thibault is a shareholder of this investment Pont des Arts. They find some good artists to make a good looking label, but I seriously think these are gimmicks, what’s more important is the content of the wine!

This SB was sourced from Bordeaux, unknown plot. Nose of steely minerality, opened up to lemon, rich and fruity. Palate was extremely fruity, very rich tagged with bitter finishing. Cheap taste and hollow mid-palate. Well, a gimmick to me.”

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