This 1966 Wine Marks A Very Special 50th Special Vintage Gift!


This 1966 wine marks a very special 50th special vintage gift.


MARGAUX66Trust me, if you buy this wine as gift, your recipient will forever remember your thoughts and impeccable taste.Label is extremely pristine for a gift! (Make it better! Gift box available!)
Precious wine for the precious people you love. Or reward yourself for the hard work you put in 2016! No special occasion? Then simply celebrate this symbolic 50th year just because it sound auspicious and best of all, it’s a first growth wine! No regrets!

Come, let Margaux 1966 steal the show.

Extremely hard to source! Very limited stock!

1966 vintage is exceptionally rare, we have very low stocks. How often can this bottle get by?RARE! Not many wines can be THIS charming after 50 years but Margaux 1966 remain powerful with great aging potential…till this date!

Here is the thing. Before this release, I have 12 bottles (in OWC) with me but customers are so quick in their feets, they enquiried and purchased…poof 5 bottles are gone with a few phone calls!Leaving with me Only 5 bottles in today feature!

No merchant in Singapore sells Margaux 1966 marking this aged old wine a very special limited edition collection. If you are collector, you will rejoice for its marvelous value over time! (By the way, you will find a local merchant selling cheaper than us but mind you, it’s empty promise and they don’t even have any bottle on hand!)


bestvalueguaranteedPay $1075 for Margaux 1966? No way!

GET YOURS for $800!



The beauty is Margaux 1966 is priced very affordably! I have seen merchant selling this wine for $1075 but how much are we selling? $800! You can’t find such great deal elsewhere!
LAST 5 Bottles for rare 50 years old wine! 
Why am I fascinated with Margaux 66 is despite its “age”, it continue to exude fabulous fragrance for which Margaux is famous for! This rare wine aged so gracefully with such poise, softness, elegant character yet never once lose the amazing Margaux nose of intense aroma of cassis and fresh tobacco leaves!

How well does Margaux 66 inimitable fragrance developed?

About 45 minutes to reach perfection! Fine Flavours, texture and length all follow suit!

margauxestateA powerful old wine that marry power with elegance, silky tannins and sensuous texture.
Margaux wines are among the most floral in all of Bordeaux. You will be amazed by the aromas of violets and soft charming flavours in this 50 years bottle…that glorious sensuality is hard to pen it down except you buy and try it yourself now!


singlebottle_blackMay we suggest you upsize your gift?

If you like to send as gift, simply add on $40 for a sleek leather box
Need a heartfelt message for your recipient? We are happy to customize a complimentary card on your behalf!

Like to double your gift size? We have double bottle gift box for $50 and ….that is only $10 more! Choose more wines from today list!


I have more Margaux in their best times! Finesse and elegance in every bottle!
Experience Margaux, sensuous wine of beauty! Everything that makes up a great Bordeaux wine is found in today Margaux list!



VintageTop Rated WinesFormatQuantityBEST Price!
1953Margaux Extremely Rare!750ml1$ 2,200
1959Margaux Extremely Rare!750ml2$ 1,850
1966Margaux (OWC) Featured!750ml5$ 800
1969Margaux750ml4$ 650
1978Margaux750ml2$ 700
1978Margaux1500ml2$ 1,450
1982Margaux Highly Recommended!750ml9$ 1,250
1982Margaux1500ml1$ 3,800
1983Margaux Highly Recommended!750ml4$ 885
1988Margaux750ml6$ 650
1989Margaux Highly Recommended!750ml1$ 850
1995Margaux Highly Recommended!750ml3$ 850
1998Margaux750ml11$ 850
2008Margaux750ml5$ 680
2011Margaux (OWC)750ml6$ 810

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Buy with Confidence 24/7!

Domaine Vacheron Sancerre Blanc 2014

  Bok's Rating:

Sancerre · France

Type – White

Grapes – Sauvignon Blanc


I found Savignon Blanc from Loire possessed a lot of lime characters on both the nose and palate to compliment Thai food, as Thai food loved to use kaffar lime, sour spices, as well as chili to create the complex taste. This SB also contained bitterness that also go with fried food and lime skin or pomelo taste. SB is not a bad choice for Thai food. “

Pierre Mignon Champagne Cuvée Pure

  Bok's Rating:

Champagne · France


After tasting two of their range of champagnes, I was about to walk away, yet the owner retained me to try to persuade me that they have better quality production. I was a bit skeptical after two different glasses but I couldn’t resist upsetting the owner.

I was told even though this was NV, it was aged for at least 5-6 years in the bottle. And it was quite something; very yeasty nose to boot. Palate was aged,something like an aged champagne, full flavor, rich and very expressive. Decent.”

Pierre Mignon Madame Brut 2006

  Bok's Rating:

Champagne · France

Grapes – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc


I was told they have been tendering to this champagne for five generations, but I was mildly sad for them that they could have made better quality champagne after changing hands for five generations.

This Madame cuvée was a better quality compared to others that I have tasted. Despite the extremely muted nose after 10 years in the bottle, body was very fresh, mousse like, bubbly and melted on the tongue easily, quite a unique taste. I’d recommend trying it if the price was reasonable. “

Domaine De L’Hermite Hermitage 1978

  Bok's Rating:


After being totally impressed with JL Chave’s Hermitage 78, I made an effort to seek out any Hermitage 78, in hope to replicate the Chave’s miracle.

The first bottle of the case, I got a lot of wet tobacco on the nose, along with cooked cherry or strawberry, and dried flowers and potpourri.

Palate was really burgundy like; cool, sour cherries, high acidity, extremely burgundy like, very Pinot noir, really difficult to differentiate if I tasted it blind! “

Bonneau du Martray Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru Blanc 2000

  Bok's Rating:

Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru · France

Type – White

Grapes – Chardonnay


Bonneau du Martray’s Corton Charlemagne was really made for the long haul, aged gracefully, for perhaps 2-3 decades easily. The bottle we had was like it was brewed last year, still so young and fresh.

Nose of intense lemon fruits, rich character, mingled with light and gentle oak.

2000 was probably an average vintage, a bit lacking in flavor, leaner than expected, good acidity, good length, back palate was decent too, opened up at snail pace. It really aged at glacier speed. “

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