Reyane et Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Robardelles 2014

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I hardly rate burgundy highly as I find achieving balance for red burg is never an easy feat. This one fell into my expectations. Coming from a small plot in Volnay hardly heard of, worth a try for everyone.

Quite a sophisticated nose with all sorts of characters; slight nail varnish, raspberry, dry roses and chokeful of alcohol (due to young age).

Palate was mellow, broad, long, easy, pleasant and most importantly silky. It was a wine that was really approachable. ”

Reyane et Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Clos Des Chenes 2014 Singapore

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Burgundy appellation was confusing enough, Volnay was a plot in Côte de Beaune, now Clos des Chene was from Volnay and probably the largest plot in Volnay. Still with me? Good. Not all Clos des Chene wines are produced equally. I prefer Jean Marc Bouley’s CdC over Pascal Bouley, who’s the cousin of the former.

It was a big and bold wine, probably can age for a decade or more. Was silky and elegant upon entry but it turned big and bold on the back palate, not what I’d expect of red burg. ”

Reyane et Pascal Bouley Volnay 2014 Singapore

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5 people tasted this wine, all with different answers, some thinks that it’s a premier cru, some spot on, it’s all over the place. I was slightly confused initially too, given my laser sharp palate, it fooled me initially as a 1er cru though.

Nose was muted with some choking alcohol, surprisingly only 12%, probably due to young age. The giveaway of a village was the slight dilution, plus it tasted like paper and then turned woody. I must admit this is a superb village wine w style.”

Reyane et Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Clos Des Chenes 2012 Singapore

  Bok's Rating:


I was expecting a lot from this small plot of Volnay production, after all, the cousin of Pascal Bouley produced a really seductive Clos des Chene.

But I wasn’t getting the treatment. I was hit with nail varnish on the bouquet, didn’t quite vanish before strawberries come in as well.

It was a fruit driven wine, but only confined to the front palate. The tip of the palate had a smack amount of bold fruits, but it never get passed the front, and then dissolved with a short finish.”

Réyane et Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Ronceret 2012

  Bok's Rating:


This wine was a typical Pinot Noir character with ripe, stewed fruits, big and bold, on the nose.

Content was a steady wine, not much evolution, doesn’t bark nor shout, but like a matured butler serving his master steadily as expected, mainly with ripe strawberries. It was quite silky like an elegant lady when I drink it, but the silkiness packed a lot of weight, imagine you get punched by an elegant lady and felt the pain 🙂 thus not an underwhelming wine to boot. Worth tasting.”

Réyane et Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru Champans 2012

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Ugly: first sip, I was hit by the piercing elevated sourness of strawberry and acidity, I’d almost write this wine off as hopeless, totally an ugly first impression.

Bad: Then I slowly noticed some changes with the wine. Black pepper and slight cherries are surfacing. The body became more mellow, and acidity was toning down, still a bit woody.

Good: after about an hour of tasting, it keeps evolving, I was amazed by now. It certainly had a lot of charm! Really potential for aging too! ”

Bouchard Pere et Fils Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru 1990 Singapore

  Bok's Rating:


Corton Charlemagne was perhaps the slowest aging Grand Cru you can find in burgundy, I was told that it aged even slower than a Montrachet Grand Cru! Judging from experience, I’m lukewarm with this claim, I’d say it all depends on the winemaker skills.

Bouchard hardly produced Corton Charlemagne, I had the honor to drink it. Was really burned butter on the nose, with matured bouquet thereafter. Palate was quite balanced, almost like a lemon butter style, high in acidity yet rich in matured fruits.”

Revealing My Hidden Gems in 70s Vintage!

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Revealing My Hidden Gems in 70s Vintage

Top Rated Featured!

Selection as Low as $220!

What’s more! I drank, I test and You Buy! My motto always!

Besides 59, 61, 82, 85, 90, 05 vintages, wines produced in the 70s has very delightful fine style. If you are a true blue Bordeaux lover, you must (at least!) try a few bottles from 70s vintage.

Many 70s wines developed early with rich refined fruits flavors perfectly balanced with nicely firm tannin. The charm is they continue to develop complexity over the year.

I have drank quite a lot from the 70s vintage and if you are new, today recommendation is definitely for you, as low as $220 for a 46 year old wine!Highly value for money!

Though critics might not go crazy over some vintages like 75s vintage, I can help you unearth big gems in any vintage! That’s where my expertise comes in, say for 75s, I know this vintage produce some fleshy, sensuous Pomerol wines which it is famous for. You might know this year is a right bank superb Pomerol vintage but do you know I have unearthed a Great Surprise in the Left Bank too? That’s perk of my newsletter, there are always pleasant discoveries that will enhance your palate…afterall I drank, I test and You Buy! Read on to discover more Top Rated Buys I have ‘test drink’ for you so you need not spend unnecessary money on wines!

I sourced the great wines for you at very affordable price tag too!

Few local merchants sell these wines but you can find them here today!

Revealing some of my top rated drinks!

Cos d’Estournel 1970

The Best Bottle Wins!

“Nose is with light pinewood, copper coin, woody, nose is seductive. Very acidic initially but faded 20min later, and the fruit surfaced with substantial orange. That day, I had my 2nd bottle, vastly different from the above notes. Not only the nose is pinewood, it didn’t turn copper until the very last few sips. I presumed I had a poor 1st bottle as provenance is everything in aged wine. Luckily the 1st bottle isn’t from my cellar. The old sayings, “there is no bad wine, only a bad bottle.” 5/5 stars

Ducru Beaucaillou 1970

Impressive! Great ageability potential!

“Dark ruby, with a little cloudy, surprisingly drinkable and developed beautifully, wonderful nose of leathery, tobacco and cassis fruits.
Impressive. Can still age another decade.” 5/5 stars


Palmer 1970

Impressive! Fabulous Palate! Silky tannin and very well balanced!

“If you are new to Palmer and is really tempted to try the goodness, I would strongly recommend you to grab a bottle of Palmer 70’s! A very magnificent wine with so much charm than many bordeaux wine. The 70’s bottle is truly an excellent vintage; spicy, elegant, fruity bouquet of cherry and the lovely berries. Very complete, very all rounded. An epitome of Palmer beauty in this 70’s bottle!” 5/5 stars


Cheval Blanc 1975

Please tell me how not to love this wine?

The nose itself will already win over any ladies heart, wholeheartedly; fragrance like flowers in a fresh botanic garden. The palette is stunning as well, layered, complex, sophisticated, and most importantly it held itself in the glass steadily throughout dinner without fading.” 5/5 stars

Pape Clement 1975

Pape Clement, a name you can trust!

This was one of the best 1975 Bordeaux left banks I have ever drank, alongside with Pichon Lalande. Put aside any Pomerol, we know that 75 Pomerols are awesome. This one had really deep cassis fruits, loads of leathery characters, big, bold and expansive, rich and chunky fruits that showed no sign of tiredness at the age of 40. I guess that’s the beauty of Pape Clement in a good vintage. If you can get hold of a bottle, don’t hesitate to grab it5/5 stars

Trotanoy 1978

Abundantly rich and flavorful!

“Served in a double blind tasting of theme 70s wines. The nose did not show up till much later, very faint, capsicum, leafy, smokey, all the nose character pointed towards a light wine. But I was wrong, a sip and I was sold completely that this is an absolutely awesome wine, rich, flavorful with a lot of complexity and depth. I guess this wine correctly as I was the one who brought it to the tasting, and won on a side bet that my friend has to contribute a bottle of 1955 Bordeaux for next tasting!.” 5/5 stars

We have more!

If you are looking for best value old wines, look no further (or Elsewhere!) than today Hot Pick! Rare, old vintages like 70s though are getting harder to source, it might not mean they have to be very expensive. Of course, we keep our price very competitive to our best ability so every of my customer get to benefit!

I only source for wines that deserves your attention, check out my tasting note.Unbiased and truthful rating score…so you know what you are paying!

Special Selection of 70s that is as low as $220!

Try them if you are new to 70s wines!

VintageRecommended 70s Wines!
Tasting Note!
QuantityBEST Price!
Ducru Beaucaillou Top rated!
Cos D’Estournel Top rated!
Leoville Poyferre
Mouton Rothschild
Palmer Top rated!
Pape Clement Top rated!
Cheval Blanc Top rated!
Pichon Lalande
Trotanoy Top rated!
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Since most of you buy aged wine from us, it’s not surprising if you find the cork to be brittle or fragile. It’s an inevitable sign of any old bottle from living an old age, just like an old lady with wrinkles. Most conventional cork openers do not extract the corks properly as it is not designed to open old bottles in the first place. How can you open your old bottle effortlessly then?

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