Yamazaki 18 years old Single Malt

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I was honored to get to taste some whiskeys lately, and I just reported the overrated & overhyped Johnny Walker Blue Label blended scotch whiskey, now I report all single malts.

The first sip and I can fully understand why people preferred single malts. It made the blended whiskey tasted really terrible, too smooth, too tasteless!

This famed Yamazaki was full of smoke, choky and hickory, the only downside was the palate was a bit thin and light in taste. I still much prefer true Scotch!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

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I was offered a whiskey tasting last night, of the four whiskeys I tasted, this was the only blended scotch whiskey, the rest were all single malt. Now I can understand why people tend to for single malt 🥃.

Problem with Johnny Walker Blue Label was really advertising effect, content was quite terrible to be tasted next to single malts. Mellow, albeit medicinal and quite antibiotics taste. I don’t really appreciate it.

Mouton Rothschild 1978

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Served blind. A nose and I already zoom into Pauillac, suspect Pichon Lalande. Nose of tobacco leaves that gets stronger over time. There’s also the smoke that hinted Pauillac.

Content was extremely mellow, very aged, very easy to drink, although I find it slightly diluted.

I drank a few btls of this in the past, they tend to be more fruity than today’s bottle, thus I believe this bottle was more advanced than expected. Not bad to nail it as Pauillac although not expecting Mouton.

Chateau Palmer Mahler Beze 1978

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Just 2 months ago I reported this exact bottle, with excitement. However, tonight’s bottle was far from perfect, in fact, totally different character. I’d say it was totally a bottle variation, as they grew up differently.

I get loads of medicinal and clinical nose. Palate wasn’t exciting either, medicinal, mellow, aged, tasted like paper.

Hopefully I’m able to return these defective goods.

Domaine de Chevalier Grand Cru Classé de Graves Blanc 2007

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One must realize that Bordeaux Blanc usually has much lower acidity than white burgundies, this is the way to identify them.

Nose of very slightly oxidized, quite shut, aged tobacco and slightly waxy.

Palate was soft and mellow, initially opened up at mid to back palate but subsequent pours started to open up at the front palate. It has a layer of wax and saltiness, and the most obvious giveaway was the low acidity.

Heard Parker gave a 96 points but I’d vigorously disagree on the score.

Rostaing Côte-Rôtie Côte Blonde 1999

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Another bottle of RP100 wine that I tasted but not in agreement with Parker scores, although I will award this wine with a perfect nose despite the less than perfect content.

Nose was extreme, with superb complexity of richness, expressive, fruity and elegant wood.

The content was fully loaded with overwhelming amount of fruits and still tannic as expected given its age.

M. Chapoutier Côte-Rôtie La Mordorée 1991

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Another RP100 so-called perfect wine, and yet another disappointment particularly served right after Guigal’s La Mouline 83.

On the nose, swimming pool chlorine, funky nose, clinical, slight oxidation and full of iron.

Palate was quite weak, extremely dry, orange zest, very prune, still relatively tannic, although it did improve in the glass over time, turned more mellow and approachable after a while.

Suspect the provenance and condition of this bottle poor.

Domaine Leflaive Bienvenues-Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru 1996

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Many drinkers didn’t know what premox was, hopefully I can give a crash course. In short, premox = premature oxidation, the cause was unknown up till today. Any white burgundies produced prior to 95 was relatively free of premox. Main characters of premox were baked apple on the nose and palate, they tasted more advanced and cooked.

Such was the case with this bottle although it was not entirely premox. Nose of sugarcane and baked apple. Palate was too cooked and advanced to enjoy. A pity.

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