Château Magdelaine Premier Grand Cru Classé 2000

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Bordeaux 2000 was a great vintage, wines were great across both banks, so if you can’t produce great wine during a great vintage, it’s time to examine your winemaking skills, as Mother Nature has given you the best to start.

Magdelaine produced roller coaster wines across various vintages, but I was mildly disappointed with 2000, a bit too mild. They employed too much oak to try to mask their weakness of the lack of fruits, thus a bit diluted to sip. Past vintages were much better.

Château l’Évangile 1968

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1968 was probably the worst vintages in recent Bordeaux history, there was no decent drinkable bottle that existed. I was born in such a poor vintage that I had no choice but to get hold of whatever 68 I can find.

Like I recently reported, l’Evangile was a label that’s forever young, and never ready to drink. This 68 was ready to drink, although a bit weak due to the poor vintage, but was still drinkable, with loads of fading orange rind. Just amazed by this label, totally unbelievable!

Château Beauregard 2010

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I popped open this bottle on impulse, as I firmly believed it was ready to drink based upon my evaluation a few years ago. I had a big shock, taste was totally different from my past impressions (read my past notes if you care). Tight, slightly diluted albeit a bit forward, not ready, last night it was worth 4 stars at best. I put it in the fridge overnight, miracle happened, nose was totally different with more oak surfaced, palate was ripe but still a bit tannic, much more pleasure tonight.

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Vintage 2010


$ 150

Bok Rating: 9/10
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Cos d’Estournel 1971

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Amongst the flight of 64, 69, 71, this 71 was the consensus vote for wine of the flight. Frankly, I really struggled to enjoy old Cos d’Estournel, it was really a struggle to keep itself alive. Many second growth labels performed much better than Cos.

Nose of slight smoke, sour and acidic. The palate was fruity, creamy, but also acidic. Loads of orange peels here.

Drink at your own risk…..

Cos d’Estournel 1969

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Bordeaux 69 was a hopeless vintage, frankly after drinking for so many years I have never found a decent Bordeaux coming from 69 except for perhaps Latour which was drinkable.

Orange, soy, grapefruit, very sour nose. Extremely acidic on the palette, lots of orange notes. I think orange juice tastes better, sorry for Cos fans.

Cos d’Estournel 1964

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I had the pleasure to host a Cos d’Estournel vertical tasting from 64 all the way to 2005, covering 5 decades of the label. The chateau, upon hearing that I’m hosting, immediately sent me a lot of write ups and nice notepads and even pencils embossed with their logo.

Acidic, musty & rusty nose. Wine is still alive, acidic and light, tastes like orange. The wine put on weight after 20 mins and lasted for quite a while. Apart from 61, this was the second oldest Cos I’ve ever had.

Château de Fieuzal Pessac-Léognan Blanc 2005

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It’s been a while since I drank a Bordeaux Blanc (mostly overwhelmed by white burgundies). This was much better than expected, despite being single dimensional.

Nose of strong ripe lemon zest, more like cooked lemon zest. Palate was exactly the same as the nose, with very ripe and cooked lemon zest, with a slightly bitter finishing. Frankly I think even though the acidity was low, was still much better than some Bordeaux Blanc with extremely low acidity.

White Bordeaux
Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 2005
Chateau de Fieuzal Blanc750ml


$ 140

Bok Rating: 8/10
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Clos Joliette Jurancon Sec 1970

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I hardly had any exposure to South Western French wine, not to mention this Juracon Sec wine, truly a unique experience.

Even after 47 years in the bottle, I struggled to smell anything on the nose, slowly it did show up as maple syrup.

Palate was really unique as well, orange peel, tangerine, dry apricot, great balance of acidity despite very high level of acidity. This is a great aged but ageless beauty.

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