Chateau Palmer 1970

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Extremely Marvellous Vintage for Palmer!

If you are new to Palmer and is really tempted to try the goodness, I would strongly recommend you to grab a bottle of Palmer 70’s! A very magnificent wine with so much charm than many bordeaux wine. The 70’s bottle is truly an excellent vintage; spicy, elegant, fruity bouquet of cherry and the lovely berries. Very complete, very all rounded. An epitome of Palmer beauty in this 70’s bottle! I would say it’s very fabulous on the palate, of silky tannin and well balanced.

70’s is an extremely marvelous year for Palmer, the near perfect weather conditions resulted in making 70’s a truly remarkable vintage, often considered to be one of the greatest years, even better than the legendary 61’s! Palmer superb terroir is seen at its best in this vintage, you will never regret it, this 70’s vintage promises rich, fruity and concentrated wine with very good balance. Over the years, they have acquired depth and show remarkable length and finesse!

Malartic-Lagravière Grand Cru Classé Blanc 2003

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After tasting the disastrous 1985, tasting this 2003 made it looked like a hero. But it was relative, putting it into proper perspective it still didn’t meet my expectations.

I get quite a lot of floral notes accompanied by faint lemon nose. Content was quite flat, quite dull and lacked excitement, still getting loads of lemon skin on the palate. However at least there was a vast improvement over the 85.

Malartic-Lagravière Grand Cru Classé Blanc 1985

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I have to admit I’m not a great expert in white Bordeaux, particularly on older vintages of Bordeaux Blanc. The Domaine de Chevalier 85 disappointed me somehow till I tasted this, almost completely hopeless. Looked like I have to write off Bordeaux Blanc 85 (but I had a fabulous Pavilion Blanc du Ch Margaux 85 before).

Nose was turning me off with chemicals and “house furnishing” irritating smell. Content was likewise; totally tasteless, fruits completely dead, what was left was only acidity.

Château d’Yquem Y Lur Saluces 2000

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I tasted this next to the G de Guiraud 2012, and was vastly disappointed with the big name d’Yquem effort on this demi-sec wine.

The nose was stunning, absolutely worth a lot of descriptions; extremely elegant, and I was swearing it must be using some great fine oak barrels (perhaps leftover used oaks while producing d’Yquem), balanced lovely sweetness and quite bready.

Palate was a disappointment, a bit short and shallow, lacked punch and flavor.

Guiraud Le G de Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2012

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I have been following the primary label Guiraud since 2010, and I thought 2011 was a great success as it produced a kind of Sauternes that had it’s own character. Thereafter every Guiraud I tasted I wasn’t disappointed, including this sorta second label.

Surprised to smell grapefruit on a Sauternes. Palate was definitive honey, has got great flavor and punch even though it was light. Loved the sweetness which was not overly sweet like a Sauternes, just nice with some spicy food, perhaps Thai.

Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2013

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Not just this label alone, but almost all Bordeaux produced in 2013 all of you should AVOID. Up till now I have not come across anything great, it’s one of the most hopeless vintages in recent memory. Even my favorite second wine La Petit Haut Lafitte, I thought consistency should have an upper hand, not even close! I can smell diluted fruits and water on the nose. Content wise, it was green and hopelessly diluted wine (I’m comparing it to vintages since 2009). Still drinkable but do avoid.

Château Siran 2000

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I have never tasted a Siran before, heard the last generation awarded this family Siran instead of Pichon Lalande, so I would expect it to possess good winemaking skills.

Coming from a great Margaux and Bordeaux vintage of 2000, my expectations was high, but frankly a bit disappointed after my first sip. Nose of rather light and funky fruits with violet notes. Even though the palate was very fruity, slightly chewy, inky and violet, it was extremely tannic. Wait another decade to taste.

Château de Pez 1992

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I just reported the 1991 vintage of this label, and I had the honor to taste the 1992 vintage in a row, quite a great opportunity. Recap of 1992 vintage, it was a watershed year, and was probably the worst vintage in recent Bordeaux memory. Even some first growth I’ve tasted were totally diluted!

Possessing a very light, smoky and fruity nose, the content was totally unexpected – creamy and lush! However weakness was dry on finishing, and tasted more like grape juice than wine, lacked alcohol.

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