The Cheat Wine to Best Seafood Pairing!

Spruce Up Your Next Seafood Feast
with Louis Carillon White Burgundies!
I called this a ‘cheat wine’ as you need not scour through the earth to find what really pair great with seafood. Get the answer simply by buying my pick! I test, I review and you buy! In fact, Louis Carillon pairs great with any meals, even a simple fish dish!
New to Louis Carillon? Try this!
Louis Carillon Puligny Montrachet 2009! 4/5!
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Amazing Village White
“I drank the whole bottle of 2009 by myself, it’s really enjoyable! It may not have the complexity of the bigger brothers, in fact a tad simple on the nose; slight lemon, lemon infused oak, summer flowers. Palate wasn’t complex to speak, but it had this simplicity charm that keeps my mouth really occupied, extremely soft, extremely addictive to keep having a sip. Great for seafood at anytime too!”
Magic happens when you pair Louis Carillon with seafood!
When you pair Louis Carillon with seafood, this wine can really highlight those flavors of the sea! Simply, seafood dishes are food without super strong flavours, or else they overwhelm the flavor of Chardonnay that are crisp and lively. As seafood has simple cream and citrus tang, the whites immediately tantalize your palates the moment when you pair them up!


Made Your Seafood Taste Heavenly with Louis Carillon!
We have the finest selection from Louis Carillon, must try!
Domain Louis Carillon is a white burgundy I converted many customers into die hard fans and since then, there is no turning back!
Marvelous Wine as Low as $150!
Which seafood restaurant to hit this weekend?
I recommended Jade Palace, it is fantastic, I am picky on food and when I said ‘good’ just believe! Most joyfully, my recommended Louis Carillon goes well with their dishes. Best of all , Jade Palace is a corkage free place. Grab a bottle of fine wines and dine your heart away! *not sponsored, good thing must share!*
Jade Palace: 
583 Orchard Road #B1-13 Forum The Shopping Mall
tel: 6732 6628

Share with us if you are heading to Jade Palace ok!

Bok Wishing You a ‘Gastronomical Seafood Holiday!’
Sea you soon!

Domaine Anne Gros Richebourg Grand Cru 1996

  Bok's Rating:


It’s rare to find a red burgundy that tasted like a new world wine, and against all odds, a classic winemaker like Anne Gros from a very traditional plot of Richebourg decided to attempt new world style.

I’m not sure if you have Ribena in your country, a black currant concentrated juice from UK, it smelled exactly like a grape juice concentrate. Content was similar too, extremely sweet, huge reduction, bright and big, very new world style. Not my type of style as expected.

Latour Les Forts de Latour 2005

  Bok's Rating:


After tasting 5 vintages of Les Forts de Latour, 03, 04, 05, 08 and 09, I must declare this 05 as the best vintage of Latour’s second wine! I believe it may even outperformed some mediocre Latour Grand Vins!

Elegant nose of smoke, faint vanilla and muted fruits. Palate was really impressive, first thing that striked me was the extraordinary balance between the fruits and acidity, almost perfect! Fruits were pure and clean as well, perfectly beautiful!

Gros Richebourg Grand Cru 1989

  Bok's Rating:


Fourth bottle of the night with cork taint, amongst 10 red burgundy bottles! This ought to be a record, thus I’m not hopeful of red burgundies.

Typical cork taint nose of dry cupboard, washing detergent, although the sweet cherries also tagged along.

The content must have been affected by the taint, as nothing really pleasant was showing up; dirty, soil and earthy. Ultra frustrating!

Domaine Marquis d’Angerville Volnay Clos Des Ducs 1er Cru 1995

  Bok's Rating:


You can call it hawthorn, thornapple or hawberry, whichever way, this was exactly how I wanted to describe the content of this wine. Supposedly one of the most famous wines coming from Cotes de Beaune, it didn’t strike me immediately as beautiful. My first nose was very faint wood, with body full of hawthorns, not exactly exciting. All it took was 20 mins to open up, full of stuffed fruits, along with sour cherries and cooked hawthorns. Alongside it became much more elegant and feminine.

Domaine Ramonet Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru La Boudriotte 2005

  Bok's Rating:


This bottle was served blind by a Master of Wine, we were asked to guess the origin. Answers were all over the place, some even doubted whether this was from France! I suspect it should be from FR, but the waxy character was throwing me off completely thinking this could be a Viognier based wine from Southern Rhone, or even a possibility that it’s a Marsanne Roussane blend. Simply too waxy, a big and rich wine. I was really shocked to learn that it’s from Chassagne Montrachet!

Latour Les Forts de Latour 2008

  Bok's Rating:


I just reported this same label although vintage wise it was 2009. A year apart but loads of difference. Obviously 09 was a fabulous vintage, whereas 08 Parker initially rated it highly but was totally wrong about it.

This second wine still performed decently. Nose was light and woody, although with some slight sweaty armpit. Content wise it was pleasant and easy drinking, quite creamy, fruit is good but lacked tannins to make this last a lifetime.

Best Wines from All Time Top Vintage 1982!

Fine Wines SG 1982 Top Selection!
Brilliant and The Best are Superb!
1982 need no introduction, an excellent vintage that produced charming wines. Legendary year, the first of the modern era! A vintage where wines are very rich and superb quality. Highly concentrated and a very delicious vintage.

I have once written an article on my Grand Tasting of 1982 Bordeauxincluding Margaux, Latour, Lafite, Cheval Blanc, Petrus and more! Check it out here if you haven’t!

Best of all, I have top rated wines from this legendary vintage to share. Don’t miss out my remarkable recommendation of 1982 Bordeaux in today lineup! I have sold out big amount of 1982 wines and that shows how popular this year is! You must try at least a bottle from 1982 simply because this vintage is a historic year for a countless of reasons.  It was the first true vintage of the modern age ushering in a new style of Bordeaux wine.  It is only 21 years after 1961 that the world has seen such consistent level of great quality wine been produced in 1982!
1982 is also a Life Changing vintage famous for launching the career of the world’s iconic wine critic, Robert Parker who saw the greatness of the 1982 vintage! Parker’s nonstop, exuberant praise of 1982 Bordeaux wine earned him the respect of a new generation of wine lovers that continued for more than 3 decades. So there must be something very alluring about this vintage that you must not miss!

By the way, I hardly concur with Parker’s but there is one wine that I agree is mindblowingly great! Make a guess?

TOP Rated 1982 Wines Coming Up Next!
5/5 STARS!
Pichon Lalande 1982
Magnificent! Beyond 100 points! 

“This vintage is arguably Lalande’s proudest moment to score 100 points awarded by Parker. I hardly agree with Parker but this one… I will rate it above and beyond 100 points! In 3 blind tastings, I consistently picked this wine as my favorite. Even amongst all the big guns like Lafite 82, Petrus 82, Latour 82, this Lalande 82 stood tall enough, easily on par with these big guys. It is worth every cent of the bottle, like I said, my all time favorite label!” Bok’s tasting note!
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5/5 STARS or more!
Trotanoy 1982
Rightfully a 6 Stars Wine! 

“It breaks Vivino scale of rating! This is arguably the BEST 82 wines I have ever had. Nothing really beats this gem, including Petrus 82. Decanted for 2 hours before serving, one whiff and I know it’s good stuff; leathery, jammy, mushroom and slowly turned smokey.The richness of the fruits is extreme that I am not drinking wine, but chewing wine! Not just the power of the fruits, it couples with great finesse and elegance.”Bok’s tasting note!
Low Stocks!

5/5 STARS!
Mouton Rothschild 1982
Majestic! Generous!

“The wine has beautiful depth of colour, almost black with a blueish tint. The nose is complex, with notes of blackberry and redcurrant and a touch of smoke, revealing still discreet oak. The attack is full and generous, while the tannins elegantly enfold flavours of liquorice, mocha and vanilla. The finish is long and flavoursome, full of freshness and fruit, set off by delicious touches of toast. A vintage as elegant as it is promising.” Bok’s tasting note!
Low Stocks!

Great Lineup of 1982 Vintage Wines
Extraordinary Buy from Fine Wines SG!
For a simple yet undying reason; wines produced in 1982 were so close to perfection from start to finish!
Every Single Sip Spells
Heavenly Made!

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