Grivelet Les Vignes Du Chateau Vieilles Vignes Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru 1971

  Bok's Rating:


I came across this winemaker Grievelet many years ago, bought a lot of wines from this now defunct winemaker, turned out the 66, 69 and 78 1er Cru consistently put any Grand Cru to shame. This 71 was no exception.

Very good nose of strong floral despite slight sweaty notes. The content was amazingly pure and soft, sheer pure beauty, along with some tender meat. I was spot on guessing the plot and even the winemaker! Sorely missing such a great winemaker in burgundy!

Sociando-Mallet Haut-Médoc 2001

  Bok's Rating:


Parker said, “it tasted more like a first growth than an unclassified offering”, implying this bottle of this vintage was equivalent of a first growth status? What a joke, we should all drink Sociando Mallet from now onwards.

Nose was green with capsicums. Content was more like a beefed up grape juice to me, although the oak influences was substantial. Perhaps Parker was referring to the oak influence, as no right frame of mind would I refer this to be an equivalent of first growth! Joke!

Bouchard Pere & Fils Meursault 1er Cru Perrieres 2000

  Bok's Rating:


Had this bottle for lunch, was excited as this was probably the best plot in Meursault, not necessarily the best makers as there were Coche Dury, Roulot and some other big guys in the playing field.

Nose of summer flower shortly and turned buttery shortly thereafter. Palate was quite dispersed, i.e., not focused like most high quality Perrieres, although high acidity, Pomelo and some citrus surfaced over time. Good but not great Perrieres.

Domaine de La Romanée-Conti Richebourg 1991

  Bok's Rating:


If you think you’re rich and want to splurge your money on wines, I’d advice you to splurge it carefully, and I’d avoid DRC Richebourg. At perhaps €1500 market price, it ain’t worth even 5%.

Nose was odd. Besides structured character, I smelled corn or corn flour, plus some smoke and raspberry.

Palate was very disappointing; can tell it was proper with masculine, chauvinist, structured and tight character, but not attractive, like a naughty boy that never grew up. I’m very disappointed.

Chateau Jean Faux Bordeaux Rose 2014

  Bok's Rating:


My first ever Bordeaux Rosé wine! It was a pleasant surprise that it was so drinkable.

Normally Bordeaux Blanc were low in acidity and waxy, not very attractive except for some top labels. This Rosé was nothing like the Blanc.

Nose was smelling like some dry roses! Content was sweet but balanced sweetness. Good acidity to backup the fruits, thick enough to add some texture to the body. Not bad, cheap and worth drinking for a casual meal.

Le Montrachet 2004 Horizontal Tasting

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Next week I’m going to attend a crazy wine tasting event, a lineup of almost a dozen bottles of Montrachets from a great vintage of 2004! I can name some but not comprehensive:

Comte Lafon
Joseph Drouhin Marquis de Laguiche
Blain Gagnard
Fontaine Gagnard
Jacques Prier

Heard someone is contributing 2 bottles of same quality, I was hoping to be a DRC to make this a dream tasting of my lifetime! Gonna be fun!

Horse Flowers Pay D’Oc 2016

  Bok's Rating:


As a Pays d’Oc, the expectations would almost be equivalent to table wines, although in actual fact it was a classification sitting above table wine and below AOC.

This bottle went way above my expectations being a Pays d’Oc, in fact it tasted well enough to be an AOC. I was actually really surprised it was a Syrah grape.

The nose was a bit green and raw but the palate was very fruity with great quality. Even though there’s no complexity per say, the fruit quality is impressive.

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Lynch Bages 1989
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