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Week after week, we always put the focus on French wines. Naturally, as this is where our expertise lie. We don’t want to push wines that we know nothing about. We want to make sure you only get the best, because you deserve it! 

But for this week, we will stray a little from the French and have a little affair with the Italians 😉

Let me introduce you to…

1999 Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Masseto

The Petrus of Italy, period. This 100% Merlot made wine will blow any Merlot based wines out of earth. Petrus is not 100% Merlot based, so it may not be fair to do a 1-to-1 comparison with Masseto, but I just could not think of a wine that’s close to this awesome Italian wine. The purity, the concentration and elegance of this wine is virtually unmatched by any Merlot based wines.
If there is one wine that you want to try produced in Italy, Masseto should be it.

Read it here:

Only 4 bottles remaining!

Pair it with some delicious Braised Veal Cheeks!
Super TIP: this pairs well with any Super Tuscan wine!

Seductive Tuscany wines for as low as $120!

Italian Wines are made for Italian Food!
Research says that when trying to pair a bottle of wine, look and pick foods or ingredients that are local in the area or region where the wine comes from.
“If it grows together, it goes together!”

On that note, check out our list of top 15 Italian Restaurants
in Singapore that allow BYOB!

Remember to bring a bottle of our Fine Wines Bottle there!

You don’t even have to lift a finger as we have already called them to ask regarding their corkage policy.

Alba 1836

  1. Alba 1836: $35++ but if the bottle costs more than $200, they will charge $50++
  2. Aura: $50++ or 1+1
  3. Burlamacco: Unlimited FREE corkage on Tues & Thurs otherwise $30++
  4. Caffe B: Still wines – $80++; Sparkling wines – $120++
  5. DOMVS by Gabriel Fratini: 1+1
  6. Dolce Vita: $50++
  7. Etna: Still wines – $30++; Sparkling wines – $40++
  8. Fratini La Trattoria: 1+1
  9. Garibaldi: $50++ or 1+1
  10. La Braceria: FREE 1 bottle from Mon – Thurs; Still: $25++ Sparkling: $35++ (Fri – Sun)
  11. Otto Ristorante Italiano: FREE 2 bottles from Mon – Wed; Other days and subsequent bottles – $50++ or 1+1
  12. Prego: Still wines – $45++; Sparkling wines – $65++ or 1+1 but only if you buy a bottle above $45
  13. Pasta Brava: Still: 30++; Sparkling: 50++
  14. Ristorante de Valentino: $45++ or 1+1
  15. Zafferano: FREE 1 bottle for 2 persons every Saturday; $45++
Did you know that one of Piedmont’s most prized culinary treasure is white truffle?
Barolo & Truffles = Match made in Heaven! 
With something as robust as Barolo, you will need to pair it with food that can go head to head in terms of flavours.

Now, what are you waiting for? Choose a restaurant and bring your favorite bottle of wine over! Let us know if you are heading down to any BYOB restaurant and would like us to send over a bottle of Fine Wines SG!

We’d love for you to share with us your wine and food pairing experience!
We hope you have a great meal.

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Calon Segur 1969

Classic Bordeaux That Continue to Please! 

“If you want a reliable bottle of Bordeaux at reasonable price, I can tell you Calon Segur is extremely reliable, good vintage, bad vintage, it performs as expected! I opened this bottle for my wife’s birthday and found that it was extremely pleasant and easy to drink. The only drawback is a slightly elevated acidity which is typical of a 1969 Bordeaux which is a little below average vintage.Still, it’s great and we drank till the last drop! Even my 12 year old daughter was enjoying it!”  Tasting note

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Jacques-Frederic Mugnier Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru ‘Clos de la Maréchale’ 2009

  Bok's Rating:


When I bought a parcel of this wine, regardless of vintage, it was snapped up without any questions, I reckoned it was the big name of JF Mugnier that attracted all the eyeballs. I purposely tried a bottle from a good vintage of 2009, my conclusion? Overrated.

To call it a 1er Cru was an overstatement, it tasted more like a village wine. Really uninspiring and even to the extent of being quite tasteless. If I’m Mugnier, I would have declassified the grapes and sell it off as generic grape.

Jean-Michel Gerin Les Grandes Places Côte-Rôtie 2005

  Bok's Rating:


We all know that Cote Rotie wines are not getting cheaper, particularly those established Guigal, JL Chave or Jaboulet. Now I have tasted a relatively unknown maker and I highly recommend it, as it’s pocket friendly too.

Grave style hit me first, followed by very strong fruity nose. The palate was a killer; powerful fruits yet the style remained soft and feminine, the texture was really impressive, no sign of overpowering, just whispering softly to me. Les Grandes Places is the top line.

Nittardi Nectar Dei Maremma Toscana 2013

  Bok's Rating:


I was told that this winery was owned by Michelangelo. While he was painting the Sistine Chapel, he sent wine to Rome as a gift to Pope Julius II. And following that tradition, every year they would present their first bottles of Nectar Dei, their top wine, to the Pope.

It smelled really light on the nose with a combination of black fruits, slightly sour cherries, and hints of smoke. The palate was decent with black fruits dominating and smooth tannins. I wonder what the pope thought!

Château Musar Gaston Hochar 2001

  Bok's Rating:


It always still surprises me when I discover new wines from new places. And with Lebanon, there’s no better place to start than with Chateau Musar. Gaston Hochar re-established the wine industry for Lebanon and put them on the map.

I admit that this wine can hold its own. Nose is extremely elegant with bright cherries, plum, and red berries with notes of spice, earth and mushroom. Palate gave good structure, smoky tannins, and spice.  Good stuff on a decent vintage!

Ridge Vineyards Geyserville 2014

  Bok's Rating:


First whiff and I didn’t know how to place this wine. It was familiar but also different, and then I learned that this was a Zinfandel based blend. I haven’t tasted a lot of this grape to really give an opinion, but this was a good start.

The nose was rich with black fruits, black berry, black cherry, and bordering jammy. It also consisted of some woody spice and vanilla. The palate was fruity but a bit overpowering, I’m not surprised with 14.6% abv!

Les Referts Puligny Montrachet Tasting

  Bok's Rating:


This was totally inconceivable, 18 producers of Les Referts from Puligny Montrachet for tonight’s tasting!

I struggled to name 6 or 7 producers, not to mention having 18 different producers in this lineup!

Pick your guesses… the expensive Arnold Ent or the classic Louis Carillon, or perhaps a dark horse wins the race as the king of Referts? Anything could happen!

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