Paul Mas Chardonnay 2016

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This white wine was served in the business class of SilkAir. It’s quite a pity as I treat this as an economy flight wine.

Sharp and young, it definitely didn’t taste like a Chardonnay, more like a Sauvignon Blanc. Probably coming from Southern part of France, I would expect it to be ripe, but perhaps it may need a year in the bottle to grow up.

Collet Champagne Brut

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Never come across this champagne before, was being served in the business class of SilkAir.

Surprisingly aged yeasty nose. Palate was very different from the nose, very fresh and young, in fact a bit too dry and too much bubbles. Fizzled off quickly, except some leftover lemony taste. Was drinking on the ground, perhaps it maybe very different after airborne. Will report again if I find it different.

Château de Meursault Meursault Premier Cru Les Perrières 2015

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One of the best plots in Meursault, It’s hard to run into disappointing wines made in Perrières, and I personally love them.

Again served from a double magnum, freshness was guaranteed. Loads of fresh fruits on the nose, as if the wine was produced yesterday.

Content was sharp and focused, although not very flavorful, it possessed very good layers with great definitions. Most flavors were focused on the back palate, it’s quite a unique experience. Turned buttery 15 mins later.

Château de Meursault Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Champ Canet 2015

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I just reported the Champ Pedrix produced by Ch Marsannay to be impressive (read my previous post). One may think Champ Canet was also from Marsannay, quite the contrary, it’s in the Puligny Montrachet area, a totally different appellation.

Another double magnum bottle, it was very dull wood and boring on the nose. Palate was also diluted, unexciting and quite acidic as well. I’d advice Ch Marsannay stick to what they knew best — Marsannay. Don’t venture into unknown territory.

Château de Marsannay Champs Perdrix Marsannay 2015

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Served from a double magnum (3L), was really astonished by the quality of the content.

Bouquet of nice fresh lemony style.

Palate was fresh, fruity and lively, I stressed the fruits were amazing, almost freshly squeezed, while the liveliness was one of the best tonight, almost bouncing and kicking. I really enjoyed this very underrated label from a very underrated plot coming from Marsannay, almost an unknown plot to me. Superb quality, worth buying up.

Leoville las Cases 1981

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1981 was a super vintage for St Julien, I’m willing to buy bus loads of Gruaud Larose or Ducru Beaucaillou, as they’re really fantastic. But Leoville Las Cases can only be the worst of the best 81 St Julien.

Decent nose of floral fragrance and ripe fruits, but the palate wasn’t quite ready yet. I can feel it has a lot of potential, as the fruits were humming along on a loud but low voice, but it was just not quite ready to drink right now. Isn’t this a “never ready” label? Yes you bet!

Duhart-Milon Grand Cru Classé 1990

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I thought I knew Bordeaux well enough, and this fourth growth wouldn’t make a statement, but Lo and Behold, this was probably one of the best Pauillac produced in 1990! Frankly, 90 and 96 were the best of Pauillac vintages, and all the underrated wines took the limelight!

Full flavor, so much going on in the body. The provenance was too pristine that this bottle still had a lot of unresolved tannins, but the flavor was astonishing; deep, penetrating, lush, generous, and I’m speechless.

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