Grivelet Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru 1964

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Double Five

A burgundy wine produced in 1964 is a double five, 55 years old, the bottle is actually older than me, really hard to imagine. My experience with very old burgundies like these 55 years old wines has not been great, mostly disappointing, as Pinot Noir has been too fragile a grape to have a longevity. However, the trick was actually provenance, a great provenance normally spoke for itself, and I ended up with a perfect bottle tonight. Bouquet was not very exciting, with hawthorn and some fine oaks. However, a sip and I was totally taken aback by the content; the fruits was so ripe, almost reminiscent to a perfect cherry with perfect ripeness, with a hint of plum fruits, without a trace of tannins. It’s astonishing that a matured burgundy was really beyond description, one has to try it to believe what I said.

Pichon Baron, Pauillac 1988

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This was one of the more disappointing Pichon Baron. I believe any Pichon Baron prior to 1990 (with the exception of 1978) were mainly disappointing, I really don’t know how many wine critics claimed 1988 was a great vintage, to me, it was quite mediocre, with the exception of Lafite and Margaux, I have never come across any impressive 1988 Bordeaux. I made my conclusion after consuming the whole bottle of this Pichon Baron 1988. Bouquet was medium strength of vanilla and oak, but no signature over-oaked and heavy vanilla and pencil lead shaving of the modern Pichon Baron. Content was not making any impression on my palette, as there’s no penetrating wine effect, and no lasting memory nor any typical Pauillac character. I’d pass on such a mediocre wine.

Bouchard Meursault Perrieres 2007

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Average Joe

I was having high expectations of Domaine (not négociant purchased grapes) produced Meursault Perrieres from Bouchard, as my past experience with Bouchard always have decent surprises. However, I must admit I was mildly disappointed with the performance of this bottle, perhaps having too much great wines to drink recently? Coming from a great vintage of 2007, I would expect the acidity to be pronounced, but this wasn’t the case, it was very mild acidity. In the first place, there was very slight premox, very mild oxidation and miniscule sugar cane on the nose, so this bottle’s content maybe affected by the slight premox. Content wise, there was some mild buttery taste (obviously with oak profile) and mild fruits. Nothing spectacular in the content, really just an average Joe from Meursault.