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Tuesday, 29 September 2015, Everything below $290! Find as Old as 54 years old wine!

Best Value Old Vintages
Everything below $290!

If you are looking for best value old wines, look no further (or Elsewhere!) than today Hot Pick! Rare, old vintages like 60s, 70s or 80s though are very hard to source, it might not mean they have to be very expensive. Of course, we keep our price very competitive to our best ability so every of my customer get to benefit!

From as low as $160 for a 45 years old wine and much more!
Your best buy is just…right below!

Some wines once sold is hard to replenish and some might never come back again

Quick, order yours now!

VintageWineQuantityBEST VALUE!
1961St Estephe (Mahler Beze bottled)3$250.00
1970Cos D’Estournel6$280.00
1970Domaine de Chevalier Rouge (from OWC)6$250.00
1970La Grace Dieu1$160.00
1975Certan de May3$250.00
1975Pichon Baron3$280.00
1978Trotanoy (OWC)9$290.00
1980La Conseillante1$220.00
1981Canon la Gaffeliere (OWC)4$150.00
1981Ducru Beaucaillou2$230.00
1981Gruaud Larose3$250.00
1981La Dominique1$180.00
1981Pichon Baron5$210.00
1982Croizet Bages3$180.00
1982La Lagune4$290.00
1982Lafon Rochet (OWC)4$260.00
1982Petit Village3$280.00
1982Rauzan Gassies1$250.00
1982Troplong Mondot1$250.00

FREE DELIVERY for above $500 right to your doorstep.

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If you need any wine or in a mood of wine, wait no more, check out our wine list here! For more detailed recommendation, please call us at 6222-1521 and I’ll be happy to discuss with you on these wines. Check out our wine list here!

If you buy properties, the 3 magic word you can ever get from a good advisor is: location, location and location. To buy good wines, your advisor Lo Bok Nan will also advice you only 3 magic words: Provenance, provenance and provenance.

Happy Drinking!


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