In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

A. Ligeret Reserve Des Ducs Bourgogne 1983
9.0 stars
17 Oct 2019

As a Bourgogne (village level) wine after maturing in the bottle for 36 years, I have no expectation, I would expect it to be flat or struggling. Upon uncorking, I only left the content in the glass to decant, as I was not confident of pouring into a decanter for such a fragile and aged burgundy. Nose was mostly slightly elevated sour plums, at this point my heart sank as well. However, the taste was beyond my expectation of almost dead wine, in fact the fruits were very alive and kicking! The initial dry and relatively flat fruits woke up in the glass in less than 10 mins, and I finished the whole bottle with my Kurobuta pork BBQ dinner.


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