In 2020, Tasting Notes
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Agrapat & Fils lAvizoise Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru Extra Brut 2012
9.25 stars
25 Dec 2020

I wasn’t exposed to Agrapat champagne although I’ve heard of the big name often times, so I decided to try a bottle today for Christmas, pairing it with my Avocado salad. Unashamedly, it lived up to it’s reputation of the King of Grower Champagne. Bouquet was filled with lemon zest bundled with lemon custard. I really enjoyed the content, huge minerality (in fact, almost steely) without any harshness nor austerity, with a good amount of zestiness companied with sharp and precise focus, one of the best grower champagnes I’ve come across in 2020, something new for me!

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