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Andre Clouet 1911 Cuvee 81 versus Cuvee 93
9.5 stars
27 Mar 2021

It was interesting to compare two different cuvees of their flagship product Andre Clouet 1911. Cuvee 81 was brought in Dec 2019, while cuvee 93 arrived in Feb 2021, thus a slightly more than 1 year apart champagne is worthwhile a challenge. I served them chilled from an ice bucket. Bouquet of Cuvee 81 was fruity and forward, while Cuvee 93 was relatively muted with moderately strong minerality and slightly steely. It was obvious that Cuvee 81 took my heart with deep and powerful fruity flavor, with loads of creamy notes, and a sense of aged flavor. Cuvee 93 was more mineral and steely (I suspect there must be some 2008 grape composition in this bottle), while the fruits was not as intense as Cuvee 81. However, Cuvee 93 was catching up very quickly at later stage, the fruity intensity almost caught up with Cuvee 81 when I was wrapping up my last glass, it showed great power. My recommendation is that, Cuvee 81 is for drinking pleasure now, while Cuvee 93 can be kept for easily a decade or more, to be appreciated when it’s fully matured.


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