Andre Clouet 1911 MV!

Extremely Elegant, High Quality Champagne! 

Exclusive in Fine Wines SG!

Andre Clouet most important insight to making profound Champagne is to start with a great wine for the base together with their Solera Champagne skill!

They made it with great success and best price!

Secret Blend Behind Legendary Andre Clouet! 

2004 base: Rare Catch!

Champagne quality is hallmark of 2004, once you found it, must buy it! An abundant harvest; sleek and vibrant in style, particularly for Chardonnay. Structured, well-balanced Andre Clouet champagne which have exceeded expectation!! Limited Stocks!

2008 base: Best Classic!

Classically styled Andre Clouet with fresh acidity balanced by sound ripeness achieved late in the season and ultimately a lively and well-structured wines in classic style!

2009 base: Generous, Elegant & Fruity!

After early complications a superb summer produced a clean crop of high quality, with particularly great Pinot Noir from the Bouzy. Wines are plump and approachable!

Secret Solera Blend!

Wine produced from a solera cannot formally have a vintage date because it is a secret blend of vintages from many years, what’s more Andre Clouet use of solera system is their top secret to ensure greatness and consistency!  The use of solera blend is Andre Clouet consistent goal to produce excellent champagne with every release to ensure complexity and high quality!

The perpetual blending system is a method of storing the reserve wines of a Champagne house in a single cuvee, usually only one large barrel or tank. After each harvest is complete, the wine is added to the blend, and every time the producer is ready to release a new batch of non vintage Champagne, he removes what he needs. Over time, the cuvee becomes increasingly complex — the fresh wines of the latest vintage taking on the mature qualities of those that came before it!

Solera Production is pretty Rare.

It is not always easy for a winery to hold back a lot of wine (they have more incentive to sell it than store it) so imagine you are getting these rare champagne from Andre Clouet made from Fantastic base + blend of impressive Solera wines!

May I request something?

Please Throw These Expensive Champagne Away.

A quick run of figures:

Dom Perignon 2002 – $300!

Cristal 2002  – $420!

Krug NV – $290!

Jacques Selosse easily $400 upwards!

The above are just some of the prices off my mind and many would be more expensive during Christmas now!

Why splurge on expensive labels while you can now drink an Equally Superior Champagne AT A Fraction Of Price?


I am proud to present Andre Clouet Grand Cru 1911, MV.

Another champagne grower that uses the Solera system to age their champagnes like Jacques Selosse but at a fraction of price!

Gosh, I ask myself why I never notice earlier?

Jacques Selosse costs 3 times more or even 4 times especially during festive season like now! As you hear from me, Jacques Selosse easily costs $400 upwards!

But wait, you can drink Andre Clouet 1911 for AS LOW AS $160 enjoy the same superior performance!

Besides the fantastic news on price, why do I think you must try this champagne so badly?

Because I was Fooled!

Andre Clouet really produces impressive and marvelous drinking champagne in Bouzy. Very impeccable and the producer knows 100% the art of perfecting a top rated champagne at low price!

I just knew this champagne can never go wrong after I was fooled repeatedly by the aged nose, I thought it was 1988 champagne! I was served blind a few times and each time I was wrong (for a great reason!) thinking it was a 1988 champagne AGAIN! I become so curious and wonder what on earth is this champagne man … and this led me to discover the charm of this highly affordable yet totally superior champagne.

Richly textured, expansive Champagne, this 1911 bursts with expressive layers of perfumed Pinot fruits. Taste of honey lemon, green apple, creamy, crisp, ripe, very fascinating bubbles and well balanced acidity …this wine possess stunning depth, clarity and precision in an utterly engaging style!

This wine reached legendary status when it appeared in the:

1001 Wines You Must Try Before You Die book by Neil Beckett since ten years ago! The 100% Pinot Noir maestro shows the potential of Blanc de Noir Champagne. Deep, savory palate with an effervescent, silky mousse. The grapes are 100% from the Grand Cru village of Bouzy, and the wine flaunts all the power and ripeness you can expect from this grape grown in this warm village!

GREAT Champagne that’s Highly Affordable.
Comes in Ex Domaine too! Provenance Guaranteed!

You won’t find this rare gem anywhere in Singapore except from Fine Wines SG!

Andre Clouet 1911 champagne is everything a champagne lover ask for added with the fact we price it so affordably even in times of festive season like now. You can buy and drink all year long.  For any occasion, leisure drinking and impressive as gifts!

Extremely affordable! That’s because we are the exclusive distributor and we got direct from producer with hand written Certificate of Provenance!

Even The World Champagne Expert LOVES it.

Richard Juhlin, the number #1 champagne expert in the world (with a world record of tasted more than 8500 different champagnes since 1998!)Rated 93 Points!

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate – Score 93+

The NV Grand Cru Cuvee 1911 emerges from the glass with the most haunting of perfumes. Sweet rose petal and jasmine are some of the nuances that emerge over time. The purity of the fruit and the extraordinary elegance of the mousse are hard to miss. This is an exceptional, elegant version of the 1911 that should drink beautifully for years to come.”

Now you know why it’s a “Must Drink Before You Die” Champagne!

Top Champagne in a competition

with well known champagne labels!

It’s not difficult to see why this is a MUST DRINK before you die because champagne world experts all agree so! Richard Juhlin was so marveled over Andre Clouet 1911 being the TOP WINE on one tasting night competing with other well-known champagne labels . Not once but on many occasions, he said how this 1911 champagne remind him of Roederer Cristal for its deft elegance.

Roederer Cristal easily cost $400 or more too but right now, you get an equally IMPRESSIVE or Even Superior champagne for only $160 onwards! Also, he called this champagne as RARE and Sought after wine that breathe flowery. The nose is estery with sparkling tones of flowers, dried apricots, peach and crisp caramel candy.

Even our friends over at the Fine Diners SG is raving about the Champagne and how great it is at its price point!

 Again Andre Clouet 1911 champagne proved it beats


Don’t wait. GET YOURS NOW!

QUICK! GRAB a bottle or More Andre Clouet 1911 Grand Cru Champagne

And Experience The Finest Champagne

… that beats Expensive Champagne hands down!

Drink Andre Clouet 1911 Grand Cru Champagne with the expensive labels side by side and you can fully experience why I say this champagne wins …at a fraction of price!

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Buy with Confidence 24/7!

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