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Andre Clouet Champagne Chalky NV
9.5 stars
25 Nov 2021

Andre Clouet came out with a completely new wine that caught me by surprise with the packaging. Coming in a white box and a white color coated bottle, I almost instantaneously thought this was a special edition for Christmas, really appealing champagne bottle to be placed under the Christmas tree. Another surprise was that this was made of 100% chardonnay grape varietal. A whiff and I felt a lot of mineral and steely characters, with some ripe fruits mingling in the background. A sip and I think the quality was very good, and immediately strike me with a base vintage reminiscent to 2008, but I was told they use mainly 2013 grapes for this bubble, and they age it in the bottle for 7 to 8 years. The body was stiff and precise, especially when chilled, and really enjoyable when it warmed up slightly in the glass with great ripening fruits that you can feel like a blossoming flower, definitely the follow through of a seductive charm that is worth every single cent of the bubble!

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