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Andre Clouet Dream Vintage 2004
9.25 stars
10 Dec 2019

This is a Blanc de Blanc champagne (made of 100% chardonnay), and the grapes were from the Grand Cru plot in Bouzy. 2004 was a fantastic champagne vintage. For a 15 year old champagne, it wasn’t showing any age at all, this must have been the magic of the grapes coming from Grand Cru plots. Bouquet of a hint of summer flower and minerality, not overpowering, implying this bubble can age for many more decades. Content was with slight lemon peel, although fruits are dominating, and the mousse was soft and gentle, rolling off the tongue easily. This is a good quality champagne, and I’d love to age it for another 20 years to enjoy the full pleasure of this bubble!

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