In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Andre Clouet Dream Vintage 2008 versus 2013
9.25 stars
20 May 2020

As I need to make a decision whether to bring in these two dream vintages of Andre Clouet, I decided to drink the samples Andre Clouet has sent me side by side. For the wines that’s aged 5 years apart, and for a champagne that’s 12 years old, I would say the outcome is stunning. The 2008 was as youthful as the 2013, in fact more subdued and shyer, with a touch of inferiority. In addition, 2008 was more metaliic and with more acidity. The 2013 was a bold and arrogant champagne, with the bulk of the boldness on the fruity style, it was very fruit driven and very forward. 2008 wasn’t a love at first strike, but it has a long-term aging potential, and will turn out to be a stunning vintage down the road. While 2013 would definitely appeal to drinkers who preferred champagne with more oomph and substance. Both were definitely champagnes worth purchasing.

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