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Andre Clouet Millesime 2009 versus Dream Vintage 2009
9.25 stars
24 Apr 2020

Both coming from the same vintage using the same Pinot Noir, but quite different style. Dream Vintages were only produced during good champagne vintages, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2013 … etc. They’re proud production of Andre Clouet. I put the two bottles next to each other to test it out, and the result was shocking! I’m no champagne expert I must admit, especially after tonight’s humbling experience, I vowed to learn more about it.

The Millesime had very ripe and forward style, while the Dream Vintage had a very shy and submissive style. I mistaken the Millesime for the Dream Vintage as the Millesime tasted more like their flagship product AC 1911, while the Dream Vintage was not displaying any readiness to drink right now, it’s very laid back, showing that it’ll need a lot more time to be ready to drink, possessing great aging potential. Obviously the Millesime is ready to drink right now, while you’ll just have to wait patiently with the Dream Vintage.


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