In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Andre Clouet Silver Brut Nature NV
9.25 stars
22 July 2020

Before I studied the details of the content of the wine, I gave myself a simple test, what’s the grape varietal here? From the nose which was moderately fruit intense, I believe it was Pinot Noir, but the palate confused me somehow, as it was slightly bitter and metallic, but I still insisted it was Pinot Noir. Later I found out it was Pinot Noir blend of Bouzy and Ambonnay from 2008 & 2009. However, the wine had zero dosage (i.e. no sugar added to the champagne), and thus it explained the slightly bitter and metallic note. I find zero dosage champagnes quite interesting, as it revealed the natural beauty of the champagne, as it didn’t go through intensive make up.

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