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Antione Jobard Meursault Blagny 1er Cru 2018 versus Jean Dauvissat Chablis Montmains 1er Cru 2018
9.5 stars
4 May 2021

I chose this theme as I wanted to do a test and compare a good producer from Meursault versus a good producer from Chablis. Jobard has been producing very decent quality Meursault for years, and I particularly liked the Blagny; obvious bouquet of oak and butter on first sniff, content was not deep nor penetrating, the fruits were light, and at later stage the buttery notes were very prominent. As a comparison, Jean Dauvissat’s Montmains was obviously a league above Blagny, as the taste was penetrating, full of flavor and finesse. It was no doubt Montmains was my pick of the day and remained the score of 9.5, whereas Blagny deserves a 9.25 stars. I would urge anyone to try such comparison for themselves to enjoy the journey of wine education. The price for Montmains was much cheaper than Jobard’s Blagny, that’s another good point to go for the cheaper but more pleasurable wine.

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