In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Auguste Clape Cornas 2015
9.5 stars
30 Oct 2019


This was an interesting northern rhone wine. Initially I didn’t pay much attention to the label, and then suddenly I recalled Clape’s Cornas as one of the top producer of rhone wines, and I woke up to pay attention to the content. Nose was smoky, and almost big concentrated fruits that resembled a Bordeaux wine. Content was almost Pessac Leognan alike, very earthy, a bit dirty, and with a huge amount of fruits, not loud fruits, beefy and chunky, very enjoyable. I used two Grassl glasses to compare the content; an 1855 and a Cru, after my first glass, I decided to continue to use Cru as it seemed to have given me more complexity, whereas the 1855 gave me more acidity. Thus I believe a burgundy styled glass would be more suitable for northern rhone wines.


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