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Ballot Millot Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru 2018
9.25 stars
31 Jan 2021

I must confess I did not have any good experience with this bottle tonight. Thought highly of this winemaker after tasting their Les Narvaux as well as Perrieres from Meursault, but this Chevalier Montrachet was utter disappointment to me. There were no character of the feminine style of Chevalier Montrachet that I’ve ever had with so many Chevaliers I’ve ever had in my life, neither does it possess any evolution during my 2 hours dinner, which was totally unexpected for a Grand Cru. Instead, it was almost the same from start to end, with a slight tendency towards being syrupy. The tonality is heavily leaned towards ripe peach. I can only think of two reasons why this bottle could not impress me; Firstly, it maybe too young a Grand Cru to drink right now, and it needs a lengthy bottle aging. Secondly, this winemaker is poor at making wines not coming from Meursault.


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