In 2021, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Baron Thenard Montrachet 2007
9.5 stars

I’ve had quite a few Montrachets from the 2007 vintage, and they almost possessed the same character – not ready, it’ll take years, perhaps decades, for the wine to be readied to drink! I once had Baron Thenard Montrachet 2000, it was really addictive and seductive, one of the best Montrachets I’ve ever had. So I had high expectations for the 2007, but perhaps I will have to defer my review till the future. For now, I’d give you a snapshot of the content; very steely and mineral was my first encounter, great acidity (which was supposed to be 2007 key characteristic), slightly lemony and a dash of lime. Bouquet was terribly muted with very light smokiness.


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