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Benoit Ente, Puligny Montrachet, 2008
9.25 stars
12 Apr 2020

Benoit is the younger brother of Arnaud Ente. I keep telling my customers and friends between Arnaud Ente and Benoit Ente, the latter is a much better winemaker. I have drank many Arnaud Ente during blind tasting that it has never shown any superiority over Benoit, in fact, Benoit’s wines consistently outperformed Arnaud’s. Arnaud Ente’s price is way over the roof top, I’d strongly discourage anyone to purchase it. On the other hand, Benoit’s price is still very reasonable, and gives you a great Price/Quality ratio. This Puligny Montrachet is only a village level wine, albeit coming from a very decent vintage of 2008. Performance is great almost at 1er cru level, with extremely fresh and lively acidity, the content is relatively transparent and clean as well, the only fallback is that it lacks a bit of fruits. However, overall, I’d pick Benoit anytime over Arnaud’s wine.


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