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Grassl Wine Glass is “Every Wine Lover Must Have”!

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Bok, wine connoisseur and owner of Fine Wines SG further put Grassl into real test!

Grassl 1855 vs Zalto Bordeaux Glass (For Old/Aged Wine) Match!

Grassl 1855 

I opened a bottle of l’Eglise Clinet 1975 to test both Grassl and Zalto Bordeaux series glasses. My experience of using these two glasses was like watching a live soccer match, each scoring their deadly goal! First half, the nose on Grassl was tight and focused, Zalto aroma was much more spreadout, palette wise, there was also significant differences, Zalto could not taste the tannins of the wines, so the entry was smoother, whereas Grassl wasn’t as forgiving as Zalto, revealing huge amount of tannins in the body of the wine.
Grassl 1855 vs Zalto Bordeaux Glass (For Young Wine) Match!

Grassl 1855 

As I made a bold statement that Zalto Bordeaux glasses were perhaps a better fit for younger Bordeaux, tonight I made another experiment. With a bottle of Chateau La Grangere 2016 fully decanted for 3+ hours.

However, I wanted to see it straight from the bottle, so I poured some liquid into both glasses.The nose for Grassl was more pronounced and focused, with loads of blueberries and graphite plus tar, whereas for Zalto, it was with quite a dispersed nose and I only get a blend of graphite and tar. Palate wise, Zalto seemed to be thicker and creamier, while Grassl content was tight. This cycle keeps recurring throughout the whole night till I finished the whole bottle. Thus, my conclusion is that, if you don’t mind missing out some bouquet, Zalto Bordeaux glasses is more suitable for young Bordeaux wines.

Grassl Cru vs Zalto Burgundy!

Grassl Cru

Size does matter! I wanted to compare Grassl versus Zalto again on today’s bottle of white burgundy Bouchard Meursault Perrieres 2007.

Just after a few sips, I started to realize some problem with the wines; I consistently find the Grassl tasted much better than Zalto!

I was stunned as it was not immediately obvious to me that Grassl can perform so significantly better than Zalto, so I sat down and think hard. After a few more sips, I realized the tension and acidity was much more intact with the Grassl glass, something just striked me immediately: it was the size of the glass and our Singapore weather!

As I was drink this white burgundy poured from a chilled ice bucket in my dry kitchen, I normally don’t switch on the air conditioning when I was having a casual meal, thus the content in Zalto glass warmed up very quickly, while the Grassl glass remained cool, thus the difference in derived pleasure. If you look at the glasses physically, the body of the Zalto glass is much more bigger than Grassl, thus the content warmed up very quickly in our tropical weather. As such, I really don’t recommend using Zalto glasses in our warm weather.

Grassl is much more suitable!


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