Best Wine Glass for Bordeaux Wines!

90 days Love it or Money Back Guarantee! 

Only $69!

For any wine aficionado, finding the perfect glass can be as critical as the wine itself. Save your time and money, we have found the one! All you need is this!
Grassl 1855 is the Answer!

Grassl 1855 unleash the potential of your wine fully!Swiss Design, Hand Made
Rather than Most Machine Made Glasses!Don’t Believe?

Why Not Take a Challenge?
Don’t believe? Purchase your Grassl 1855 glass today and enjoy a 90 days Love it or Money Back Guarantee! We never have such policy but we love to give you ample time to try out how fantastic our wine glass is! If you choose to return it for whatever reason, you can return your purchase within 90 days! Terms and condition apply.
Only $69!
How Grassl 1855 Wine Glass
Beats All Other Glass in the Market?

We found the secrets from the maker personally.Grassl 1855 design focus on style of wines
rather than being regional or grape varietals specific!

Ideal for more intense red wines that is exposed to oak such as

Bordeaux, Southern Rhone Reds, Spanish Reds, Australian Reds
Grassl 1855 is the Preferred Glass of
World Famous Wine Producers

If you want to experience the authentic way of drinking,
how the wine makers imagined what fine wines to be…
you must use Grassl 1855!

Grassl 1855 is designed with the feedback from some of the top winemakers in the world.To name a few, this wine glass has been tested with Chateau Palmer, Lynch Bages, Ausone (Bordeaux), Jean Luc Jamet (Rhone), Dominio de Pingus, Dominio del Aguila (Spain) and Mount Mary (Australia)

That show how precise Grassl wine glass is in bringing out the best in quality!

Only $69!
Grassl 1855 Represents
What a Perfect Wine Glass Shape Should Be!
The Thin Rim

Grassl 1855 comes have a thin, smooth rim so it doesn’t get in the way of the flow of wine to your lips. The thin rim itself is the hallmark of a top quality wine glass like Grassl 1855! Wine glasses that are lower in quality tend to have a thicker rim with more of a texture that may distract you from the entire wine experience.It is also made of cold cut rim, allows the glass to be sealed to a non porous condition and ensure a smooth delivery from the glass to your mouth.

You can Taste a Lot More than a Dull Big Rim!

The thin rim lets your palate be more focused and sensitive, and tastes a lot more than a dull big rim. Take up the challenge, we will be happy to guide you through the advantages!

The Right Height
Comes in compact design, Grassl 1855 right height  ensure the glass won’t tip easily with its big base. You can even put the glass on softer surfaces without tipping! You can drink comfortably and with ease using Grassl 1855 at any occasions!
The Good Weight

Only weighs 89 grams or less! That’s almost HALF the weight of other competing wine glass out there. Just like playing golf, gone are the days where you take a heavy club, nowadays all golf clubs are made of featherweight!
Modern and Durable
You will love how balanced it feels in your hand as most glasses are top heavy and generally rather heavy, making it clumsy and unsophisticated. Being one of the lightest lead free glass in the market, Grassl 1855 design is definitely classy and modern!
Perfect Wine Surface

The combination of a large surface 11cm and volume with the convex walls provide the necessary space for wines of high concentration and complexity!

Too much surface and too little surface is not good, it has to be the right surface and right volume for the wine. Grassl 1855 knows the secret! Whilst a big glass might seem more effective at first, it is all about giving the wine a chance to show its different flavors.

Too big glasses make wine oxidize and fade quickly; too small means that wine can’t unfold and open up. Grassl 1855 perfect the wine surface!

Unique Swiss Design
Grassl 1855 is made in the most traditional way possible. No modern technology, more character, high uniqueness and not anyhow machine produced… in mass!
 Made in Compliance with Highest Quality

Brilliance and Purity of Grassl 1855

Grassl 1855 is made from crystal, some of the purest crystal on earth! The material Grassl use is known to be very brilliantly shiny and takes exceptional master skill to achieve at this thickness level…
And Grassl 1855 MADE IT!
Only $69!
To boost your confidence, Bok and team further put Grassl into real test! Click here for detailed report

Grassl 1855 beats other wine glass
Winner for Aged and Young Bordeaux alike!


Design in Swiss using the finest materials.
You won’t find forgettable, mass produced glasses here!

Alexander Mackh
The creator of Grassl wine glass and decanter and collector
of over 10,000 bottles of wine
developed the secret to perfect your wine!


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