Wine lovers, Gather around!

Fine Wines SG is delighted to invite you to join Singapore’s first BYOB Blind Tasting Club!

For the month of September, we will be looking into The World Chardonnay

Tuscany Vs The World

We will put the famous cult wine maker Sassicaia – The Creator Of Super Tuscany

But can his name stand out in a blind tasting against the World of Fine Wines…
…..this is something we will find out!

Wine Criteria To Bring:
1) 1990-1999 Vintage
2) Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Sangiovese

Fine Wines SG Tasting Room

24 Oct @ 7pm (Thur)

Featured Wine
Sassicaia 1997


Purchase any wines from us and get a $20 discount for this tasting

How Our Blind Tasting Club Works

Every month each person will bring a bottle of wine based on the theme. The wines are then divided into flights of 4-5 wines and competed against a “featured wine”.

After sipping and slurping the delicious wines, everyone will submit their answers at the end of the flight. If you’d prefer not to submit your quiz sheet, no worries, this session is also about great wines and good conversation!

No other event in Singapore has yet offered this kind of vintage tasting opportunity for both aspiring enthusiasts and seasoned collectors.

A must-attend event for anyone serious and wants to learn more about Fine Wines around the world!

To reserve your seat, please email us


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