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Bordeaux 2009 Best Bundle

Best Value Bundle with Super Bonus! 
Most Opulent 2009 Vintage

Rauzan Segla 2009 and Gruaud Larose 2009

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2009 Vintage has been deemed as one of the best vintage to date in a very long time! There was so much hype surrounding the vintage, coupled with Robert Parker giving out so many 100 pointers that it drove the market price up. You need not pay through the roof to experience the extraordinary lushness of 2009 wines, just look up to our value bundle today! What’s more with Free Grassl Glass and Delivery as Super Bonus!
2009 Bordeaux Bundle That Stand Proud!  

Rauzan Segla 2009

Margaux Style Wine!
Owned by Chanel since 1994

Rauzan Segla is a second growth wine from Margaux and this wine is also considered a Super Second among the elites of the Deuxiemes Crus of Bordeaux!
Wine experts tasted Rauzan Segla 2009 and found it really lovely freshly balanced, chewy texture and very open, in fact “Very Margaux Like” You can even called it a “Best Buy Margaux”, not difficult to see why as it establish itself as one of the finest wines of the appellation alongside Margaux and Palmer; known to produce very fine and potentially long lived wines!

Gruaud Larose 2009

Generous, Rewarding wine from Saint Julien!

Palate is very well balanced with a fine bead of acidity, fresh and vibrant, laced like tannin with a wonderfully detailed and persistent finish! Clearly Gruaud Larose 2009 won some quality winemaking skill here making it a marvellous 2009 Saint Julien wine! Oh, do you know Robert Parker wrote in his barrel tasting note that this particular Gruaud Larose 2009 appears to be the finest Gruaud Larose he has ever tasted since 1990! 2009 vintage costs a fraction of a 1990 bottle price!
Best Buy Bundle of 2009 Vintage!
Ripe, Sexy and Lush!

The vintage is a mixed of ripeness, purity of fruits, structured tannin, but also very charming and creamy. You can either keep it for the long term, or even drink it right now as the fruits and softness will leave you baffling!
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Rauzan Segla 2009 and Gruaud Larose 2009
Only $440

With Free Grassl 1855 Glass worth $69!
With Free Delivery worth $30!


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