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Bordeaux 2010 Wines Fine Wines SG
Great Vintage which Excels
on Both Left and Right Bank!

Excellent Red Wine Vintage
scored Full Pointers 5/5 on both banks

Indeed, a fantastic year for wines from all Bordeaux appellations!
Do you know Bordeaux 2010 performs way ahead of…
1982 and 1985!

On Left Bank Ranking

On Right Bank Ranking

Tannic, powerful, structured and rich, the best wines need 15-20 years or more years to develop! You need not splurge on the Big Wines from this vintage, try smaller estates for equally sensually great drink without the huge fork out! 

This Vintage is Going to Set a HIGHEST Price Record In Wine Industry
But Not in Fine Wines SG!

Fine Wines SG help you turn this vintage into a “Budget Bordeaux” before it set a record for the most expensive vintage in history, as forecast by Wine experts! Quick! Grab these marvelous wines as low as $100, selling fast! 

Does the 2010 vintage deserve the hype?
YES IT DOES! Drink it or hold it …
while we still have stocks to rare find with low price NOW!

Modern version of classically styled vintage
VintageWineFormatQuantityPriceTasting Score
2010Chateau de Fieuzal750ml11$120N.A
2010Duhart Milon750ml7$175N.A
2010Ducru Beaucaillou750ml8$370N.A
2010Croix de Labrie750ml7$190N.A
2010Grand Puy Lacoste750ml2$1709/10
2010Malescot St Exupery750ml8$250N.A
2010Lafon Rochet750ml8$100N.A
2010La Lagune750ml14$135N.A
2010Domaine de Chevalier750ml10$150N.A
2010Clos des Litanies750ml9$1508/10

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