In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Bouchard l’Enfant Jesus 1998
9.25 stars
9 Nov 2019

I must admit Bouchard’s l’Enfant Jesus is the unique style of most red burgundies. Unlike most red burgundies, either they win your heart by the bouquet, or they’re feminine and win your heart by the the softness or mellowness. L’Enfant Jesus has a different approach to red burgundies; they’re a very structured style, I must say it’s masculine and very different from most red burgundies. Quite creamy on the palette, caressing the palette with very complex flavor, with multiple dimensions and good length. Only setback was the bouquet, I smelled nothing from the crappy Riedel Sommelier series glass (of which they don’t produce any good bouquet anyway).


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