In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Calon Segur St Estephe 1973
8.75 stars
22 Apr 2020

This was a poor vintage to boot, I have drunk quite a few 1973 from Bordeaux, nothing really impressed me except for Cheval Blanc 1973. It was unfortunate the reliable Calon Segur did not live up to my expectation for the first time for old vintage, but cheer up, I can’t expect them to always perform, otherwise they’ll deserve to be a first growth status! Bouquet of mild plum, with a faint summer floral blossom. Content was driven mainly by slightly sour plums, but not excessively sour. The sourness also went away in about an hours’ time, replaced with ripe and forward fruit, body was light and easy going, nothing memorable, just a casual wine to go along with casual dinner.


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