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Casanova di Neri Cerretalto Brunello di Montalcino 2001
9.5 stars
20 Jan 2021

I decanted the bottle for 2 hours, and decided to use two Grassl stemware for comparison sake, a Cru glass and an 1855 glass, although I already knew which stemware best suited the Sangiovese grape varietal. The bouquet was somehow unique and attractive, with very concentrated dried fruits mingled with a tinge of tar, while on the stemware the 1855 was spreadout, while Cru glass gave a pleasant pleasure on the nose. A sip with the 1855 stemware content, I almost wanted to quit drinking, as the grippy tannins were unbearable. The Cru stemware provided utmost pleasure for this almost perfect wine (I said almost perfect and gave 9.5 as it’s not at the right drinking window right now, cellar it for another 20+ years and I’ll surely rate it a perfect 10/10 wine). The content was one of the most feminine Brunello I’ve ever had (apart from the famed Soldera), I’m not sure if they have acquired winemaking methods from Soldera but I do see the similarity amongst the two of them.


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